Hi, I'm Ray!

A Soul Communicatior and Quantum Healer who heals within the Akashic Records.
I also go by Lightworker, Energy Healer and Spiritual Healer … these are all different names used to describe the deep and powerful soul healing work I do from within the Akashic Records, also known as your soul records. Here you’ll find out more about me and how I can be of service for you x
"Ray has a beautiful soul, She has been my healer for years. There are no words to describe how she works it’s just purity is it’s brightest form. "
Ray, You are amazing, every session with you is a pleasure and I very much appreciate everything you have done for me xxxx
Adelaide, Australia

Are you ready for change?

If you've found your way here it is not by mistake.

Are you tired?

Are you ready to face the light?

Tired of living life in the dark?

The time is now.

You are right where you are supposed to be.

There is a reason you found your way here.

What is it?

You know don’t you.

It’s that part of you that you’re ready to let go of…

Those thoughts, the triggers, the stuff that makes you want to scream or cry.

It's Time to let go

You are not alone.

Many feel this way, and many have felt this way.

It’s time to let go of the heaviness.

You no longer need to carry the burdens, you can drop the bags.

You may say you don’t know where to begin or what to do.

That is pretty common I must admit, but that is where I can help.


As I mentioned above, it’s no coincidence that you are here.

You see, the universe doesn’t work like that.

If you have found your way here, there is a reason.

A deep reason on a soul level that often the human can’t find ways to explain.

But it makes sense doesn’t it?

You’re ready.

There is a part of you that is ready to let go, move forward.

To be the person you know who you are on the inside.

And the universe knows it too, you see that is why you are here.

When you are ready to take the leap, i’ll be here to help.

Shine your light

The power of change lies within you and you alone.

When you’re ready to heal the master appears.



Hey, I’m Ray!

I’m a Soul Communicator, also known as a Lightworker

I am blessed with the soul mission to help others heal as we ascend to 5D energies. 

My role in this is to help the collective clear our blockages and karma from this life and many lifetimes so they can ascend.

It’s not a role for the weak hearted, in order for me to be able to level up and be of service I’ve had a lot of tough life expereiences and inner-work I’ve needed to do in order to get myself to where I am now. 

It’s a work in progress, all healing is…but it’s much easier to do with a clear mind and feeling lighter!

I am trained to heal in many modalities, so many they have kind of become my own. 

Your soul will direct me whether it wants to do Quantum Healing, Reiki, Emotion Code, Body Code, Reiki, Rewiring limiting beliefs or whatever else it needs.. that’s just a few of the things of how I can help.

The reason I started this shop is when I went through my awakening 15 years ago I wish I had someone who would help explain what was happening and how I can get through it. 

The internet wasn’t as big on this topic then so it was tough to navigate on your own 😉

So here I am, ready to be of service to all those seeking to ascend, to feel a little lighter and want to remove any blocks that aren’t serving them anymore.

I’d love to connect with you and see how I can help you.

Love and Light,

Ray xo

Healing on a soul level

Soul Healing

With the ability to communicate directly on a soul level, I bypass the human. Our human often blocks our healing due to fear of change.


I am someone who understands you as a whole, beneath all the layers the real you and I can explain your blocks or triggers in a way that can help you to let go and move forward.


As long as you've submited your order with all the details asked that has created an energetic exchange to allow the healing to take place.


If my store is open you can book in for a healing within 24 hours. If it's closed, click the notify button and we'll alert you when the shop is back open and accepting bookings.

Multilingual & translatable

My healing reports are in English, the ETSY platform can translate these into many languages. Meaning, I truly am able to help you no matter where you are in the world.

Helping you to self-heal

Whilst I do the heavy lifting on a soul level, I will give you some homework for you to do on your human level. This assists to really cement to the universe that you are ready and willing for change.


I had the blessing to receive a mini-Energy Healing from Ray last week, which arrived perfectly under the New Moon in Cancer (the second of the month, #allthefeels). Here’s a… read more

thumb Saar Grolleman

Ray is an excellent healer, which is rare in this time of “health gurus”. Her passion for health and well-being behind every article she writes or every one-on-one she conducts… read more

thumb Steve Grigoriadis

Ray is very intuitive and she will go straight to the root of your problem, because of that her healing is quick and effective. I do recommend. Thank you Ray ❤️

thumb Tatiana Tiorsa

Rayner is an amazing soul and a truly wonderful healer. Her card readings are as wonderful and accurate as her heart healing sessions. She has truly helped me so much over the… read more

thumb Georgia Sloan

I want to tell you about an amazing almost ‘transformational’ session I had last night with Ray – founder of ‘Find Your Ray’ – holistic healing using ‘Emotional Codes’. I have… read more

thumb Megan Spyker

I had a fantastic experience with Ray. She helped me understand all about emotions and how new and old can impact our lives on a day to day basis. She… read more

thumb Regina Fitzpatrick

Ray has done a wonderful job at clearing my boyfriend’s allergy to dogs as well as chipping away at other issues. Thank you so much! It has been easy… read more

thumb Cynthia Okimoto

After my session with Ray I feel such an amazing shift in my consciousness and in my confidence. She worked on my HW and the shift and changes there is… read more

thumb Hannah Vallström

Not only did Ray help me clear energy, she also set me the foundations to continue on the path of healing. Her understanding friendly manner really helped get results. Forever… read more

thumb Nikoletta Naskos

Having a session with ray is like catching up with a close friend❤️. Her intuitive messages are spot on and her work definitely helps you move forward in life. I… read more

thumb Sanjana Prakash

Ray is an intuitive healer, completely legit, sensitive. She tunes into and melds easily with you for the distant work she offers. I sat in a bath of warm water… read more

thumb Brandy Patterson

Ray is an amazing healer. She found emotions that I needed to be cleared. I highly recommend her for a session. 🙌🥰

thumb Stephanie Coleman Vinalon

I received a free mini healing. After the session I do feel more relaxed and a little more clear-headed, so what you said you did worked. I will try the… read more

thumb Ellen Hagen

  • The session was a good experience, and Ray is very kind. I’ll be back for more in the future! Thanks.

    thumb Benjamin Bubb

    Ray is amazing, she has many methods of healing. I have used Ray for emotional healing, as well as physical healing sessions when I have been unable to shake sickness… read more

    thumb Kristy Props

    Ray is a sweetheart! Her energy healing techniques are on point! Because she is highly intuitive, she can feel your discomforts and easily understand your needs. I’ve had a quite… read more

    thumb Sylvia Somogyi

    Ray is an amazing healer, ive felt such a big shift and change in how ive been feeling. Such beautiful work from the heart ❤ cant recommended her enough

    thumb Deborah Nahas

    Working with Ray has been life changing for me so far as her talents in energy healing and also beautiful ability to show a new perspective. I have worked with… read more

    thumb Kate Cilento

    Ray is an exceptional healer! She has been helping me with the emotion code and other methods she uses for about 18 months and she has been integral in improving… read more

    thumb Laura C

    Ray entered my life when there was darkness and like her name suggests, she illuminated the path for me. I had a heart removal from Ray and it was life… read more

    thumb Lunaseas_ 22

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