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Tired of carrying around your emotional baggage?
Have you realised it serves you no purpose?

Great, you've come to the right place!

I can help you release, heal, let go and move forward.

Okay Ray, Let's do this!!


You’re a soldier, a battler, a person who has been through a lot in your life and you have reached the point where you want to make a change. You realise you need help or you will continue to go around in circles fighting the same battles.

Maybe you even need someone to be there as a support for you while you make this change. ​ You’re tired of the pain, the feeling of fighting and you wish there was a way to find inner peace and be pain free!

You wish you had someone who could help you to pinpoint where the pain started, where it is hurting you emotionally or physically and even to clear this from you!


I'm Ray and I absolutely love that you've found your way into my part of the universe.

As a qualified energy healer my life mission is to help people heal and live their best life. Awesome right?

Hey, I’m Ray and I am super grateful that you’re here and you want to know more about me.

I was raised spiritually thanks to my beautiful mum who had a house full of crystals, read our palms often and took us to every spiritual expo for as far back as I can remember.

At age 18, I got my first deck of Tarot Cards. I adored reading for my girlfriends before going out for a night on the town but never really thought of card reading as anything more than a bit of fun.

In truth, I was closed off to my gifts for a long time. In deeper truth, they scared me.

I would wonder how I suddenly knew so much information about something I’d never seen or heard about before? It didn’t make any logical sense to me!

Now I’m in my 30’s and I fully embrace this part of me, in fact I absolutely love receiving downloads of information! I have a ridiculous amount of card decks, my house is full of crystals (just like my mum) and I love love love learning new ways to heal.

I am certified in The Emotion Code healing modality as well as Reiki. On top of this I’m an expert at finding limiting beliefs and reprogramming subconscious minds to think better thoughts… cool hey?

When I first realised how powerful this form of healing could be I spent a long time getting rid of all my “emotional stuff” so that I can be the best healer for you.

I have never felt better, I am in such a great place in my life and it just keeps getting better and better. I want to spread this joy to you!

This is why I started Find your Ray and I really hope together we can help you find your ray, whatever that means for you x

Energy healer 

Hey, I’m Ray… and I know what it’s like to not have the life you want.

One day I woke up and realised I was an unhappy miserable bitch. My life was full of shiny things which on closer inspection were actually dull and lifeless. What a sad reality to face.

Short term relationships repeated themselves, the same character in a different outfit. My friends told me over and over about how many bullets I had dodged, and I agreed wholeheartedly.

I agreed because if I didn’t it would mean I was the one that was responsible and these relationship endings couldn’t possibly of been my fault, right? 

Looking back now, I can see that I made a many poor life choices, the most notable one was getting a job as a door girl. It’s a common theme with jobs in position of power that you feel superior to others,  like you are somewhat entitled to respect from strangers.

I had been “doorgirl Ray” for so long, wrapped up in this false sense of power and security that this job had become my identity.  At the club I felt “powerful” “safe” and “secure”. It’s where I felt at home.

Deep down I knew I wasn’t happy, and I knew I wanted a better life I just didn’t know how. I had been this identity for so long I felt trapped and that this was who I was. 

Thankfully I desired my weekends back so much that I finally had the courage to leave and it was scary. It really didn’t take me long to work out why I stayed so long either…

I felt a deep seeded fear of rejection, unworthiness and I didn’t feel lovable. I felt that if people knew the real me, they wouldn’t like me for who I am.

Working at the club enabled me to live with a false identity. I was such a  bitch that people were intimidated by me, they feared me. I achieved my goal, I kept people away from getting to know me.

I can tell you first hand, a life of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs is not fun.

I am SO thankful that I was brave enough to decide to make a change. to accept that I didn’t like who I had become and to trust my inner guidance that I could have a happier richer life filled with joy.

I can honestly say that right now after a journey of unlearning, self-acceptance and a lot of healing that I am genuinely happy.

I am wholeheartedly at peace with who I am, the life I am living and I am constantly surrounded by things that bring me joy. LIfe just keeps getting better and better!

When I look back, the part about this journey to “finding my Ray” I find the most fascinating is that I couldn’t be where I am today if I wasn’t who I was back then. 

GRATEFUL is an understatement x 


  • 🙋‍♀️ You’re tired of feeling the burden of physical or emotional pain

    🙋‍♀️ You’re completely over reliving past trauma

    🙋‍♀️ You attract bad relationship after bad relationship

    🙋‍♀️ You can’t remember the last time you were happy

    🙋‍♀️ You can’t remember the last time life felt easy

    🙋‍♀️ You know what your ideal life is and this isn’t it

  • 🙌 You are 100% ready to let this shit go!

    🙌 You want a better mindset but you don’t know where to start

    🙌 You want to live the best life you can, but feel you need a little help to get there

    💖 Woo-hoo! We are a match! I am taking new clients just like you!

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  • A heart wall blocks you from giving and receiving love fully.

    👉 Been single or in short term relationships for longer than you’d like to admit?

    👉 You can still remember the moment your heart got crushed like it was yesterday?

    👉 Everytime you find someone great its over before the cows come home

    💔Your heart remembers all of these moments, and have stored them in your heart-wall.

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  • A body wall blocks you from losing weight.

    👉 You know that time you thought you looked fat in those jeans?

    👉 Remember the time your love handles stuck out over the side of your undies in that dress?

    👉 The time you went to the beach and you your legs wobbled and you thought everyone was looking

    🍩 Your body remembers all of these moments, and have stored them in your body-wall.

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Ray!! This is unreal, it’s actually so accurate that makes me feel slightly uncomfortable for not believing in it fully from the start, and from the heart. Was more of an ‘okay, give it a go 50/50’. You are truly gifted! The years you mention in my report are spot on when it comes to happenstances that led to certain blockages. You are amazing, thank you so much again... second session and it’s been an experience, a totally new feeling - a great one!

    Ioni London, United Kingdom
  • I had an incredible healing session with Ray! I was lucky to meet her in Ubud, and I could tell by her kind and open face and eyes that I wanted to try something new. I was incredibly impressed that she released some old, recent, and traumatic emotions that were stuck in some of my organs. She warned me that I would likely feel tired and would need extra water for up to 48 hours after and both happened. I could feel her asking my body to heal and release. I’ve been working on self-healing for years, but for some things we need to get outside help. I am very sensitive to energies and I could feel her helping my emotional releases. I trust her fully and I hope to have more healing sessions for the things that remain.

    Laura Thailand
  • Ray has been wonderful to work with. I have had 5 sessions and at first I was skeptical of remote healing, but after my first session I was blown away. I felt lighter, like weights had been lifted off my shoulders. Ray has a lovely way of engaging with her clients, and intuitively understanding what you need. Like how you feel after spending time with a good friend. I’m very grateful to her sessions and will book in with her again.

    Kate Perth, Australia
  • Ray was careful and considerate in each session in order to not release too many trapped emotions and overwhelm me. She listened to my reactions after each session and always started by assessing how I was going in my current life as to know how far we could take things. We ensured we booked sessions where I was not working long hours at my work in order to ensure I had plenty of down time for my body to process these trapped emotions after they were released. I found this not only very thoughtful, but is in my view testament to her genuine care for the work she was doing on me. As a direct result of the work she has performed on my heart wall, I believe I have more confidence and trust in my life. I have really moved forward in my relationships both personally and professionally, and I link this achievement to the work she has successfully completed with me.

    Magdalena Sydney, Australia