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Hello, I'm Ray of Avalon!

I’m so happy that you’ve found your way here!

It’s a true blessing to be able to offer my services as a multi-dimensional healer, using my soul’s gifts in channeling through voice, singing, toning, coding, and light language.

My journey has been guided by my soul for many years, leading me to attain over 30 qualifications in various healing modalities. I have a deep passion for learning and for guiding people back to balance.

You can explore some of these offerings through local face-to-face appointments, online sessions, group events, and via my online shops. I am honored to be able to serve internationally.

I have a unique soul gift that allows me to connect to your energy as if it were my own, a level of sensitivity that is both a blessing and a challenge. I am able to interpret your energy to provide you messages from your soul for profound healing. I can help remove imbalances, blocks, trapped energy, limiting beliefs, and more!

Working on a soul level in your Akashic Records bypasses the human (ego) mind, resulting in deep and powerful healing. If you’re ready to embark on a true healing journey, I would love to be of service to you!

My driving force is a deep passion for unlocking your innate intelligence and awakening dormant DNA particles within you. Through the transformative practices of Quantum & Spiritual Healing, I am dedicated to compassionately empowering you on your personal journey of self-discovery and growth.

My vision is to co-create a harmonious and awakened world where each individual radiates their true potential. Welcome to Find Your Ray, where together, we embark on the path to enlightenment.

Central Coast Quantum Healer

One of my signature offers is the Celestial Transformative Healing, where I channel signing, guidance, toning and codes from the higher realms which is truly beyond words; it’s something that’s best experienced to be fully understood. 

Some of my other popular sessions are my Potent Healings range which includes healing with Reiki, Quantum Healing, Egyptian Healing, and Akashic Records Healings.  You can explore these modalities  in a peaceful healing experience during my drop-in and full-experience healing sessions. Check out the offers to see which one resonates with you.

Healing journeys can be intense, so to make things more comfortable, please feel free to let me know if you’d like any adjustments to the sensory experience. I can change the lighting, sound, and scent; just let me know what would make you feel more at ease.

If you’d like to have a quick chat to see if we’re a good fit before booking, please give me a call on my mobile.

Just a heads-up, I’m not the best at texting. If you prefer to communicate this way, send me an email, and I’ll get back to you when I’m at my computer.

Lastly, I find great joy in supporting customers on their journeys and prioritize my own well-being too. This means I maintain healthy boundaries. If your inquiry falls outside the scope of the item or service you’ve purchased or are considering, I’ll let you know. It would be wonderful if you could also do a quick self-check before asking these questions to avoid any unnecessary boundary discussions.

Choose your experience

I'm thrilled that my services reach beyond in-person sessions!

Thanks to technology, I can now offer healing events and appointments worldwide, bringing healing and empowerment to more people than ever before.

All my offerings are created in English, but don't worry if you purchase from my shop and need translation; some items can be translated using online programs. Just shoot me an email in English if you need assistance before making a purchase.

I will deliver items only after the full payment is received, thank you for your understanding.

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Full Experience Healings


Bookings essential.

6 Options available from $150-$220.

Returning customers can save $10 if paying cash :)

Drop In Healing


Sundays 9am-12pm only, bookings not essential but they are helpful.

6 Options available ranging from from $50-$75

Group Sound Healing


Monthly Sacred Cacao Ceremony on the 3rd Sunday of the Month.

This includes Channelled wisdom and signing, codes, frequency - it's a beautiful soul journey with likeminded locals.

$88 each or 2 for $66

Manifesting Monday


Group international container facilitated privately and delivered via email post session.

3 Month Subscription for $69

eTSY Shop


Over 50 carefully curated items with various prices and delivery times. Note: Etsy adds fees on top of my prices.

Prices range from $9 to $275, value packages also available.
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Direct Shop


Over 50 carefully curated items with various prices and delivery times. It's often more affordable to purchase direct, but it's worth exploring both options..

Prices range from $9 to $275, value packages also available.

Client love

I am so blessed to have so many wonderful clients from all over the world leave me their feedback on my offerings, over 300 in total across facebook, google and etsy! Here are a few to share:

Ray has an unbelievable gift and I’m so honoured to have met her and experience her healing wonders. I’ve seen quite a few spiritual healers before and never had an experience like this before. I left feeling transformed, clearer, more energised and on track. She removed fear from me and I feel in complete divine alignment, I can’t wipe the smile off my face ☺️ thank you Ray your gifts are amazing. So much love to you. Thank you 🙏🏻 ❤️
Ray is an amazing healer I had a wonderful experience with her. I felt much better after and her skill set was truly a magical experience. I would recommend anyone looking for healing and guidance to contact Ray. She is very welcoming and warm which instantly puts you at ease.

Want more info?

I totally understand, you want to make sure that you’re working with the right person and choosing the right option. 

If you have questions, please start here first and if you’re still unsure then reach out and I’d be happy to answer your questions or even guide you back to an information guide where the answers are.

In the simplest terms, lightworkers are beings who feel a strong pull towards helping others. 

Also referred to as crystal babies, indigos, Earth angels and star seeds, these spiritual beings volunteer to act as a beacon for the Earth, and commit to serving humanity. 

✨ Children often develop a greater sense of kindness and compassion towards others from a young age

✨ Their deep connections to the world around them make them sensitive to deep emotions

✨ The empathetic nature of these individuals tends to draw them to professions in which they can provide assistance to those who need it

✨ Their internal guidance drives them intuitively

✨ In many cases, they are able to perceive other living beings’ emotions and needs

✨ They can harness and direct their healing powers towards those who need help

✨ They also believe in carrying out coordinated efforts to dispel or chase away negative consciousness using their positive energies and healing powers.

Not all lightworkers are aware of their spiritual calling right away. While some star seeds may realize that their purpose on Earth is to elevate mankind’s collective consciousness, several lightworkers can only sense a drive to serve and compassion in their own hearts, and that they feel good when supporting others through difficult times.

Each healing is unique and they are always guided by your higher self for your highest and best good.

When I tap into your energy I get a feel for what is needed, and I am guided as to which healing modality is best suited for you at the time.

Each session varies and it depends on the type of healing you purchase as to what happens in your session.

How a session may look

💖 Intention – Each session begins with protection, shielding & intention setting

✨ Mindset– Identify, remove & reprogram subconscious mind 

✨ Body  – Find out the underlying issues, rebalance & restore

✨ Chakras – Readings, clearing, cleansing, rebalancing and restoring

✨ Karma – Remove karma, karmic relationships and patterns (if Karma booking)

✨ Energy – Apply energy healing or healing chambers 

💖 Integration– Each session ends with divine assistance for a gentle integration 

Remember every session is different, your soul and higher self guide the session.

The Akashic Records
Medical Intuition
Quantum Healing
Light Language codes (source energy)
Light Language frequencies (source energy)
Emotion Code + Body Code
Mind Mapping