Deep soul healings

Hi, I’m Ray!

I’m a Soul Communicator and Quantum Healer.

I am gifted with the ability to interpret energy as messages from your soul for deep healing. I can remove imbalances, blocks, trapped energy, limiting beliefs and so much more!

I work on a soul level in your Akashic Records. This bypasses the human (ego) mind so creates a deep and powerful healing. If you’re ready to truly heal then I would love to be of service for you!

Healing from within

Quantum healing Emotion Code Akashic Records

Welcome to Find your Ray, where I, Ray of Avalon, am delighted to offer you a range of personalized services to nurture your inner growth and well-being.

With a continuous thirst for knowledge, I’ve trained in over 30 modalities. But my true breakthrough came when I surrendered to the continuous flow of source energy, becoming a pure conduit for transformative healing energy for myself + my clients all over the world.

My purpose is to guide you towards self-empowerment, a harmonious existence, and a life ignited with innate wisdom.

Join me, Ray of Avalon on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation, as we unlock your inner brilliance and co-create a world that radiates with awakened spirits.


Discover the magic of my Spiritual and Quantum Healing, available in two convenient ways. If you’re local to the Central Coast, come see us at my dedicated Wyong space. For those afar, experience the same transformative energy through Zoom. Healing knows no boundaries! Learn more


Facilitating connections, I lead a series of intimate local workshops focused on spirituality and metaphysics, both on the Central Coast and virtually through Zoom. These sessions cultivate a nurturing environment where kindred spirits can collectively explore and grow together.


If you’re looking for a broader journey, we extend a warm invitation to participate in our recurring monthly gatherings and special one-time events.

Join us as we unite to channel the strength of shared purpose, transforming intentions into tangible reality.

Online shop

I have an extensive online catalogue in my ecommerce stores with  50+ purposely crafted offerings to support your journey. Each product has been thoughtfully created to align with your healing needs.

What makes me a good healer?

I am on a soul-led mission

I am fueled by a deep passion for unlocking your innate intelligence and awakening dormant DNA particles within you. Through the transformative practices of Quantum & Spiritual Healing, I am dedicated to compassionately empowering you on your personal journey of self-discovery and growth. My vision is to co-create a harmonious and awakened world, where each individual radiates their true potential. Welcome to Find your Ray, where together, we embark on the path to enlightenment.

On my soul mission to help others to heal, I do this by:

Get excited to heal

The process is easy


Place your booking

Choose your journey, whether it’s online or in person.


Receive confirmation

Please look in your email or inbox for the confirmation of your booking. I’ll also send you detailed guides about what to do next for each option, so remember to check your email or inbox for that information.


Show up

When your healing day arrives, simply be present! From that moment forward, I’ll guide the way, ensuring you depart the session with a renewed sense of lightness.

Happy customers

I have over 250+ 5 star reviews from all over the world
Here are a few from my Google. You can also find more on my Facebook + Etsy platforms.


Google Review


Ray worked her magic in a very short amount of time.
She shifted a very deeply held fear of mine that i couldn’t get to with other tools. Not only are her gifts truly wonderful, her personality is a delight to be around. she is warm and friendly making you feel right at home. Highly recommend her to those who are looking to shift those stubborn blocks and go to the next level with her codes!


Google Review


“Ray is an amazing healer I had a wonderful experience with her. I felt much better after and her skill set was truly a magical experience. I would recommend anyone looking for healing and guidance to contact Ray. She is very welcoming and warm which instantly puts you at ease.”


Google Review


“The healing I had with Ray was amazing! She pin pointed so much from my childhood that I hadn’t told her about. Ray is a beautiful soul, very genuine and caring. I’m currently attending her Unpack your Sh!t workshop as well and loving it :) “

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Want more info?

I totally understand, you want to make sure that you’re working with the right person and choosing the right option. 

That’s why I’ve taken a-lot (and I mean a-lot!) of time to carefully create in-depth listings and information guides.

If you have questions, please start here first and if you’re still unsure then reach out and I’d be happy to answer your questions or even guide you back to an information guide where the answers are.

I’ve created a 3-step action guide so that you are prepared for your 1:1 appointment with me, whether you’re meeting me online or in person. You can check that out here

I get asked a lot of questions, so I’ve collated my guides here: FAQ Guides

In the simplest terms, lightworkers are beings who feel a strong pull towards helping others. 

Also referred to as crystal babies, indigos, Earth angels and star seeds, these spiritual beings volunteer to act as a beacon for the Earth, and commit to serving humanity. 

✨ Children often develop a greater sense of kindness and compassion towards others from a young age

✨ Their deep connections to the world around them make them sensitive to deep emotions

✨ The empathetic nature of these individuals tends to draw them to professions in which they can provide assistance to those who need it

✨ Their internal guidance drives them intuitively

✨ In many cases, they are able to perceive other living beings’ emotions and needs

✨ They can harness and direct their healing powers towards those who need help

✨ They also believe in carrying out coordinated efforts to dispel or chase away negative consciousness using their positive energies and healing powers.

Not all lightworkers are aware of their spiritual calling right away. While some star seeds may realize that their purpose on Earth is to elevate mankind’s collective consciousness, several lightworkers can only sense a drive to serve and compassion in their own hearts, and that they feel good when supporting others through difficult times.

Each healing is unique and they are always guided by your higher self for your highest and best good.

When I tap into your energy I get a feel for what is needed, and I am guided as to which healing modality is best suited for you at the time.

Each session varies and it depends on the type of healing you purchase as to what happens in your session.

How a session may look

💖 Intention – Each session begins with protection, shielding & intention setting

✨ Mindset– Identify, remove & reprogram subconscious mind 

✨ Body  – Find out the underlying issues, rebalance & restore

✨ Chakras – Readings, clearing, cleansing, rebalancing and restoring

✨ Karma – Remove karma, karmic relationships and patterns (if Karma booking)

✨ Energy – Apply energy healing or healing chambers 

💖 Integration– Each session ends with divine assistance for a gentle integration 

Remember every session is different, your soul and higher self guide the session.

The Akashic Records
Medical Intuition
Quantum Healing
Light Language codes (source energy)
Light Language frequencies (source energy)
Emotion Code + Body Code
Mind Mapping