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Hey I’m Ray!

It’s so great to have you here in my part of the world. Isn’t it lovely that the universe has connected us?

In case you don’t know.. 

I am a Soul Communicator and Quantum Healer

I’m a light worker with the soul mission to help others heal as we ascend to 5D energies. My role in this is to help the collective clear our blockages and karma from this life and many lifetimes so they can ascend.

It’s not a role for the weak hearted, in order for me to be able to level up and be of service I’ve had a lot of tough life experiences and inner-work I’ve needed to do in order to get myself to where I am now. It’s a work in progress, all healing is…but it’s much easier to do with a clear mind and feeling lighter!

A little about my spiritual journey….

I am trained to heal in many modalities, so many they have kind of become my own.

Your soul will direct me whether it wants to do Quantum Healing, Reiki, Emotion Code, Body Code, Reiki, Rewiring limiting beliefs or whatever else it needs.. that’s just a few of the things of how I can help.

The reason I started this shop is when I went through my awakening 15 years ago I wish I had someone who would help explain what was happening and how I can get through it.

The internet wasn’t as big on this topic then so it was tough to navigate on your own 😉

So here I am, ready to be of service to all those seeking to ascend, to feel a little lighter and want to remove any blocks that aren’t serving them anymore.

What is a lightworker?

In the simplest terms, lightworkers are beings who feel a strong pull towards helping others. 

Also referred to as crystal babies, indigos, Earth angels and star seeds, these spiritual beings volunteer to act as a beacon for the Earth, and commit to serving humanity. 

✨ Children often develop a greater sense of kindness and compassion towards others from a young age

✨ Their deep connections to the world around them make them sensitive to deep emotions

✨ The empathetic nature of these individuals tends to draw them to professions in which they can provide assistance to those who need it

✨ Their internal guidance drives them intuitively

✨ In many cases, they are able to perceive other living beings’ emotions and needs

They can harness and direct their healing powers towards those who need help

They also believe in carrying out coordinated efforts to dispel or chase away negative consciousness using their positive energies and healing powers.

Not all lightworkers are aware of their spiritual calling right away. While some star seeds may realize that their purpose on Earth is to elevate mankind’s collective consciousness, several lightworkers can only sense a drive to serve and compassion in their own hearts, and that they feel good when supporting others through difficult times.


how I can help you as a healer

Each healing is unique and they are always guided by your higher self for your highest and best good.

When I tap into your energy I get a feel for what is needed, and I am guided as to which healing modality is best suited for you at the time.

Each session varies and it depends on the type of healing you purchase as to what happens in your session.

How a session may look

💖 Intention – Each session begins with protection, shielding & intention setting

✨ Mindset– Identify, remove & reprogram subconscious mind 

✨ Body  – Find out the underlying issues, rebalance & restore

✨ Chakras – Readings, clearing, cleansing, rebalancing and restoring

✨ Karma – Remove karma, karmic relationships and patterns (if Karma booking)

✨ Energy – Apply energy healing or healing chambers 

💖 Integration– Each session ends with divine assistance for a gentle integration 

Remember every session is different, your soul and higher self guide the session.


the modalities I use most

Are a non-physical, vibrational record of everything that has ever happened to every soul that has ever existed. From the moment that soul was created to the present and future possibilities as well. You can imagine it as like a Google search for your soul.  

Anytime that you have an experience or you have an emotion, even the slightest most subtle emotion, everything is recorded or imprinted into this nonphysical, vibrational space called the Akashic Records. A trained Akashic Records practitioner can access these records and interpret the energy record for you.

Is a form of healing that allows us to take a closer look at your fears, limiting beliefs, broadcast messages and memories.  

Your mind map creates stories you tell yourself as your ‘true reality’ which is often not the case. By following these maps we can reprogram your mind to break you free from the limitations of these stories.

A Medical Intuitive is an alternative medicine practitioner who uses their intuitive abilities to tap into your energy field and and find the cause of a physical or emotional condition.

The medical intuitive will investigate your chakra system and see where your energy systems are imbalanced.

Quantum healing is a form of healing that allows you to heal your body, mind, and spirit by shifting energy at the quantum level.

A Quantum Healer practitioner creates a high frequency of life-force energy and then uses that energy to place this field of high energy around an area of pain, stress, inflammation, or disease. Through this process your body’s own natural healing ability is amplified.

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian spiritual practice that involves learning to heal all things by accepting “Total Responsibility” for everything that surrounds us – confession, repentance, and reconciliation. 

Reiki healing is a high vibrational energy force that is transmitted through a trained practitioner who is attuned to the reiki energy.  When that energy moves from the universe, through the practitioner, into the recipient, their body is best set up into natural healing.

I am trained in over 15 healing modalities, these are the ones I use most.

Fun fact, I’m also an Ordained Minister!

Over 40+
Healings available

I have a huge range of quantum and spiritual healing sessions available.