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Welcome to our Return to Faith

Did you know we are one of the very few planets with the spark of god conciousness within our souls?

I wish I could find the words to explain how rare this is and how blessed we are to have this as our reality.

Can you believe we have spent most of our life blind to this? 

When working with our God conciousness we can literally change our world overnight.

You may have a sour taste with the name “God”, this is not rare.

I know this feeling as I had it myself.

If you feel more comfortable you can use words like Divine Source, The Creator etc.

For ease, I will use God.

Did you know that in order to ascend God is the key?

We are blessed to have so many angelic helpers who work with God who are here ready for us to ask them for help.

I have compiled various pieces of information from people I trust about the 72 Angels that work with God that are ready to help us when we ask.

These 72 Angels are just as powerful as the Archangels that are more known, the difference is the Archangels work as a collective energy.

You can work with the angels in groups such as by Archangel, Planet, Month and the list goes on…

I will group the Angels by some of the common ways if you would like to group them together for a more powerful healing.

I personally prefer to find the exact right angel that is needed at the time.

I do this by refering to the Angel System List and using my intutition…

You see the Angels know me and know what I need most, better than I do.

Once you learn to trust God and the Angels you will learn that they know you too.

The Angels are my best friends, I cannot find the words to express my love for them.

They have changed my life and I hope by sharing this with you they can do the same for you.

With love,

Ray xo

Angel 1 - VEHUIAH