Hey, I’m Ray.

I help Mortgage Brokers streamline their systems and processes so they can write more loans effortlessly.

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Being a digital broker means more systems… and I bet you’re too busy writing deals and keeping up with policy to get these tools setup! Not a problem at all, Ray can do this for you!

Unsure what you need but you know you can’t keep burning leads due to a sloppy process? Let Ray help you solve the gaps in your business today.

Have a shift in priorities? No problems Ray can assist you with developing and implementing a strategy in consultation with you.

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This all sounds great but you want to know HOW I will help you in the business.

Well there is plenty that I can do and offer as an external contractor for your business…. but I’ll let you know the top service I get asked for…

Software system set up and optimisation.

You have the software, you pay for the software and yet you’re only using half of the program and you don’t even know what it really does or is capable of doing.

You just want someone who knows what their doing to come in and get it fully set up and ready to go, as if it was done like magic!

So what kind of software are we talking about?

CRMs, Gmail, email campaign platforms, File Invite,, Property report tools, Google My Business, Calendly, Zoom… to name a few.

Some of you are now thinking that you’ve already optimised the platforms… 

You might of, but it doesn’t hurt to have someone audit and see if anything is missing right?

After all, you don’t know what you don’t know.

As my most recent job was training on all the systems that Loan Market has to offer I can tell you I know every nook and cranny of their software tools.

Often the half hour webinars you attend to learn the new stuff doesn’t show you really how to implement the tools… 

It’s hard to keep up with all the changes and they are constantly coming… 

All you want to do is write loans and do income producing work – not figure out how a platform needs to be setup and optimised

That’s where I can come in and help…

Best part?

As a freelance consultant I know all the tools, you don’t have to train me and better yet your staff don’t have to stop what they’re doing to learn the tools.

If this sounds like you then I strongly encourage you to book in a chat with me today 🙂

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Okay I can see you’re still a little unsure…

Maybe you’re not after software system optimisation – but you need help with your social media account setup or working with your referral partners better.

Never fear…. I offer those services too 🙂

Okay so now you’re liking where this is going and you know that this all sounds great but you want to know HOW I will work with you…

That’s okay, I get it.. it’s your business and you want to ensure it’s in safe hands.

When we catch up for your discovery call and we figure out the pain points in your business and also address any concerns you may have.

Together we will come up with a list of items to be addressed in your business.

We will then prioritise those items, and Ray will set these up in a Trello board that you can monitor and adjust as needed.

Rest assured, you’re in full control of the order Ray helps you in your business.

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