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Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 Preparing to Book in with Ray: Let’s get ready for an amazing healing experience! 🌈

📝 How does it happen? Booking: When you book a session with me, a beautiful energetic exchange takes place. This allows me to access your soul momentarily, providing me with key messages and healing for you.

💡 Issues: The soul bypasses the human mind (ego), enabling us to address the core of any issues and remove associated imbalances.

🌟 Healing: During your healing I will work directly with your soul and they will guide me on how to facilitate the removal of these issues and imbalances from your soul across all lifetimes and realities.

🎯 Setting your Healing Intentions: It’s important to set clear intentions for your healing. When filling out your details and intentions, choose 1 or 2 targeted items for optimal results. Remember, putting too much may dilute the impact you’re seeking. Trust that whatever arises during the healing is profound, as your soul knows exactly what you need and will communicate this to me. Our human mind (ego) tends to complicate things!

When does it happen? Trust: All healings occur in divine timing. Trust that the moment you receive the healing is the perfect time for you and your soul’s journey. The exact timing of a healing is not disclosed, as the human mind unintentionally blocks the process. If I am having an off energy day, the healing will be facilitated when I am back in my high vibrational energy zone to ensure it doesn’t impact you negatively.

⏱️ Timings: I aims to complete all healings within 2-5 days. I dedicate a maximum of 4 hours a day to healings, so occasionally it may take longer. For more accurate timings, please follow me on instagram where I post video updates – @findyourray 

💫 Connection: If you’re sensitive to energy, you may feel Ray when she connect with you. If this happens, please let them know! Ray loves hearing these stories and experiences.

🙌 Healing Session: Before & After Care 🙌

💧 Hydration: To prepare for your healing, it’s beneficial to start hydrating yourself. Water helps establish an easier energy connection and facilitates a faster integration post-healing, with fewer processing symptoms.

📅 Booking Sessions: It’s essential to allow a minimum of 5 days between bookings for proper healing integration. Each healing is personal and may require different lengths of time to fully integrate—it’s never consistent.

📚 Multiple Bookings: Multiple booking for you can stress me out. While the booking system allows you to schedule multiple sessions at once, I prefer that you don’t. I worry I may forget your healing or when you’re due I may not be available and it plays on my mind. It’s best for everyone to wait until after your integration period and when you’re ready to book in again. 

🌿 After Care: After the healing, your body may be processing emotions and energy that have potentially been stuck since your childhood. It’s similar to going through a detox, and processing symptoms can sometimes be intense. While Ray does a lot of the heavy lifting, it’s still crucial to take care of yourself. Rest and drink plenty of water to support the flushing out of what Ray has released for you. 

PS: There’s a comprehensive 1-page after care document for each full healing, so refer to that as necessary.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask – hello@findyourray.com😊