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Central Coast + Online
$ 85-170 price range in AUD
  • Recording options available
  • Central Coast Wyong Location
  • International via Zoom

FAQ - Appointments

Embark on a journey of Inner Balance Healing with Ray, a 45-minute transformative experience.

Discover solace in a warm, welcoming sacred space as you undergo healing through the potent ‘Emotion Code’ modality. Feel the soothing and balancing effects of Reiki healing, while crystal therapy enhances your energy. Allow Ray’s intuitive insights to guide you, followed by a reflective post-session chat, leaving you rejuvenated and aligned.

An exceptional session that promises 45 minutes or 60 minutes of healing with Ray.

Prepare for pre-session soul cleansing, intuitive insights, and a post-session chat. Encounter a range of modalities including Medical Intuition, Quantum Healing, Reiki, Light Language Codes, Light Language Frequencies, DNA Repair & Rewiring, Emotion Code & Body Code, Chakra Work, Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy, and Healthy Mindset tools.

A tailored 30m variation of the Diving Light Transformative Healing session, exclusively crafted for those who have already completed two full DLTH sessions with Ray.

This condensed offering allows individuals to sustain their healing journey while upholding their positive energy.

Ray’s treatment and workshop rooms are located on the 1st floor of 72 Pacific Hwy, Wyong, NSW, 2259

Access to the 1st floor is via stairs.

Alternative venues without stairs can be organised for an additional fee – or Zoom options are also available.

I am so glad you asked!

I have a 3 step non-negotiable get ready guide, you can view that here: Prepare for your Appt with Ray

The best way is via email – [email protected]

Alternatively you could try calling Ray’s Australian number. Note this is on DND often whilst in with clients.

This is the part where I will tell you that I do not respond to lengthy SMS or multiple questions in an SMS – I will reply and ask you to email or call me. 

If you are a Online Shop customer:

Email or the Chat Inbox on the online shop platform you are purchasing from is the best way to contact me. Please do not message me across multiple platforms – choose one and we will stick to that.


Central Coast + Online
$ 222-555 price range in AUD
  • 3 Levels available
  • Central Coast - Intimate small groups in tightly held spaces
  • International via course platform (coming soon)

FAQ - Workshops

This is a 10 week self-healing course with Spirituality.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself, your chakras and spirituality.

This is run each NSW school term locally on the Central Coast.

This is an 8 week course on your BS…. Belief Systems!

This is a game-changer for those who want to truly uplevel their life.

A follow on from Ray’s level 1, Unpack your Sh!t course.

In this course you will learn about the Universal Laws and how you can have the Health, Wealth and Relationships you desire by utilising these laws to your advantage.

This is a do a your own pace course following our informative ebook and online course materials.

*Coming soon*

This is a small group community that Ray has built filled with like-minded people on their spiritual and soul path.

This group is reserved for people who have attended Ray’s in-person workshop series on the Central Coast.

Benefits of this group includes special discounts, free group excursions, intimate chat group with others on their journey.

This group is really quite a special place to learn, share and grow. 


Central Coast + Online
$ 22-222 price range in AUD
  • International Manifesting Mondays - available Monthly
  • Central Coast - Half day retreats
  • Central Coast - Avalon Alumni Group Excursions

FAQ - Events

This is delivered via email on the first Monday of each month – learn more here


Occasionally I feel inspired to run special events for significant events such as portals or astrological events.

If there are any on, they will be listed in my upcoming events.


Ray hosts local day-events free of charge for those in the Avalon Alumni group. These events are in NSW, primarily in the Central Coast regions. 

Online Shop

Shopify + Etsy
$ 7-175 price range in AUD
  • 50+ products available
  • 8 different categories with various delivery methods and times
  • 220+ 5 star reviews

FAQ - Online Shops

🌟 Preparing to Book in with Ray: Let’s get ready for an amazing healing experience! 🌈

📝 How does it happen? Booking: When you book a session with me, a beautiful energetic exchange takes place. This allows me to access your soul momentarily, providing me with key messages and healing for you.

💡 Issues: The soul bypasses the human mind (ego), enabling us to address the core of any issues and remove associated imbalances.

🌟 Healing: During your healing I will work directly with your soul and they will guide me on how to facilitate the removal of these issues and imbalances from your soul across all lifetimes and realities.

🎯 Setting your Healing Intentions: It’s important to set clear intentions for your healing. When filling out your details and intentions, choose 1 or 2 targeted items for optimal results. Remember, putting too much may dilute the impact you’re seeking. Trust that whatever arises during the healing is profound, as your soul knows exactly what you need and will communicate this to me. Our human mind (ego) tends to complicate things!

⏰ When does it happen? Trust: All healings occur in divine timing. Trust that the moment you receive the healing is the perfect time for you and your soul’s journey. The exact timing of a healing is not disclosed, as the human mind unintentionally blocks the process. If I am having an off energy day, the healing will be facilitated when I am back in my high vibrational energy zone to ensure it doesn’t impact you negatively. 

⏱️ Timings: I aims to complete all healings within 3-5 days. I dedicate a maximum of 4 hours a day to healings, so occasionally it may take longer. For more accurate timings, please follow me on instagram where I post video updates – @findyourray 

💞 Orders: I offer different healings, such as but not limited to: Activations, Instant, Chakras, Chambers, Personalised, Quick and Readings. To learn more about these healings and the delivery format and times of these specific types please read all sections of this FAQ.

💫 Connection: If you’re sensitive to energy, you may feel Ray when she connect with you. If this happens, please let them know! Ray loves hearing these stories and experiences.

The following item types fall into the Order Que category:

  • Chakras 
  • Personalised
  • Quick
  • Readings 
  • Tools & Resources (Varies)

To enter the Order Que, please complete the details I request on the order page description box or email me at [email protected]

The following items are in the Auto Download category. You will receive them automatically from the platform after purchase.

  • Activations
  • Healing Chambers
  • Instant Healings

Note: If you receive a PDF in your Etsy Inbox, you can open it from a web browser like Chrome or Safari on any phone or computer.

Please be aware that the Etsy Apps do not support opening PDFs due to their functionality limitations, which is beyond my control.

To be in the Order Queue, I need to have 100% of the required information to facilitate the booking.

If I ask you questions after receiving the order, you’ll be placed in the queue only after you answer them.

🌟 Activation: Experience the incredible power of a quantum activation with just a click! It’s like downloading an instant boost of energy and potential. Expected delivery time: Instant! Simply follow the download instructions and activate the quantum experience right away. ✨

💫 Chakra: Give your chakras a quick healing and quantum rebalance. Imagine feeling a wave of harmonizing energy flowing through your body, restoring balance and vitality to your energetic centers. Expected delivery time: Standard 1-2 days, Peak 3-4 days.

🛡️ Chamber: Step into the virtual world of an incredible quantum healing chamber. With a simple download, you can access a transformative healing experience that transcends time and space. Expected delivery time: Instant! Follow the download instructions to immerse yourself in its powerful energy. 🚀

Instant: Brace yourself for an extraordinary healing experience that goes beyond conventional boundaries. This quantum healing takes place outside of time, gathering the intentions of all those who have ever received it, amplifying the power of collective healing. Expected delivery time: Instant! Follow the download instructions to be part of this remarkable healing journey. 💪

🎯 Personalised: Your quantum healing session is uniquely tailored to you. You have the freedom to choose one or two specific intentions for the healing process or trust in the guidance of Ray’s spiritual and medical intuition. Expected delivery time: Standard 1-3 days, Peak 3-5 days. Your personalized healing will be worth the wait. 🌈

Quick Healing: This healing approach focuses on specific misalignments and imbalances. By addressing a common theme, the healing process targets and resolves underlying issues efficiently, providing you with a quick and effective path towards restoration and well-being. Expected delivery time: Standard 1-2 days, Peak 3-4 days. Experience swift resolution and healing. 🩺

🔮 Readings: Dive into an intuitive reading that sheds light on your unique circumstances. Ray’s clear channel ability allows for profound insights and guidance. Whether you seek clarity, direction, or a deeper understanding of your situation, these readings offer valuable perspectives and support along your journey. Expected delivery time: Standard 1-2 days, Peak 3-4 days. Gain valuable insights into your circumstances. 🌌

It’s important to remember that I am a regular Australian human with a full life outside of being a healer. I have good days and bad days, just like anyone else.

I work only on my good days because, as a healer, I tap into your energy field. I want to be in a high vibrational place when working with you, so you receive positive energy from me. I do my best to facilitate all bookings within 72 hours, considering factors such as the number of orders in the queue, the order placement time, and a minimum of 5 days between multiple bookings. Vibrational alignment is also a consideration (more details below).

Sometimes, we may not be in vibrational alignment, which occurs approximately in 1 out of every 30 orders.

If you are in a lower vibrational place (e.g., depression, dark energy, heavy grief, or anger), it may be challenging for us to work together effectively.

Lowering my vibration to that level would have a significant impact on me personally and my other customers.

However, there are options available to clear the lower vibrational energy and stabilize your energy for us to work together.

These options include specific healing purchases like Darkness Healing, Anxiety Healing, or Root Chakra Healing, depending on the situation.

If you prefer not to continue the process, while I have a strict no refunds or exchanges policy in this circumstance, I would be happy to refund the original purchased item for you.

 Multiple BookingsMultiple booking for you can stress me out. While the booking system allows you to schedule multiple sessions at once, I prefer that you don’t. I worry I may forget your healing or when you’re due I may not be available and it plays on my mind. It’s best for everyone to wait until after your integration period and when you’re ready to book in again. 


Here’s what you can do to make the most of the time between ordering and receiving your healing:

  • Ensure you’ve provided all the required information in the description box and answered any questions from me.
  •  Increase your water intake.
  •  Give your 100% pure intention to heal.
  •  Believe fully in the healing process for it to work effectively.

? Surrender any expectations and limitations, allowing spirit to work in its limitless way.

💧 Hydration: To prepare for your healing, it’s beneficial to start hydrating yourself. Water helps establish an easier energy connection and facilitates a faster integration post-healing, with fewer processing symptoms.

📅 Booking Sessions: It’s essential to allow a minimum of 5 days between bookings for proper healing integration. Each healing is personal and may require different lengths of time to fully integrate—it’s never consistent.

📚 Multiple BookingsMultiple booking for you can stress me out. While the booking system allows you to schedule multiple sessions at once, I prefer that you don’t. I worry I may forget your healing or when you’re due I may not be available and it plays on my mind. It’s best for everyone to wait until after your integration period and when you’re ready to book in again. 

🌿 After Care: After the healing, your body may be processing emotions and energy that have potentially been stuck since your childhood. It’s similar to going through a detox, and processing symptoms can sometimes be intense. While Ray does a lot of the heavy lifting, it’s still crucial to take care of yourself. Rest and drink plenty of water to support the flushing out of what Ray has released for you. 

PS: There’s a comprehensive 1-page after care document for each full healing, so refer to that as necessary.

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