Note: Healing without permission of the soul violates personal free will and creates Karma for all involved, this is not something I take lightly.  I do offer a Healing Chamber and an 12 months of Healing Chambers for others, this works more along the lines of placing them in an energetic bubble of love.

Healing for others in your care – under 16 years You can book on their behalf if you are a legal Parent, Guardian or Caregiver.

Over 16 years  They need to make their own booking unless you have legal Power of Attorney rights.

Note: For all bookings made of behalf of others, once received I will ask the soul for permission for the healing to take place. If the permission is denied the healing purchase will be refunded. 

Sale items are limited to one sale item per person.  

Bulk bookings stress me out. Whilst the booking system allows you to book multiple at once I prefer that you don’t. I always end up worrying I have forgotten someone and it plays on my mind.

Each healing changes your energy field profoundly so it’s best for all to wait to book in.

✨ You will have a deeper healing the more hydrated you are

✨ I recommend of 10 glasses of water in a 24 hour period pre and post healing

✨ You will have a better post healing experience if you are hydrated (less side effects)

Important:  If you are ungrounded or in a healing crisis Ray may not be able to connect to your energy due to the difference in vibration that Ray naturally resides in.  If this is the case, Ray will reach out to you to discuss how you can raise your vibration for the healing to take place.


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