Booking  A booking creates an energetic exchange allowing me to momentarily access your soul for messages and healing

Issues The soul by-passes the human mind (ego) so we get to the core of the issue and can remove associated imbalances.

Healing I will facilitate the healing to remove these issues and imbalances from your soul in all lifetimes and realities.

Set your healing intention on the booking page

– For optimal results, select only 1 or 2 targeted items.

– If you put too much the healing will unlikely have the impact you are looking for.

– The whatever comes up are PROFOUND as your soul knows exactly what you need and will communicate this to me. 

Our human mind (ego) often gets in the way and complicates things!

Trust  All healings are done in divine timing, trust the time that you receive the healing is the right time for you and your soul journey. I do not disclose exactly ‘when’ a healing will happen as often the human mind unintentially blocks the healing.

Important If I’m having an off energy day I will facilitate your healing when I am back in my high vibrational energy zone so not to impact you.

Timings I aim to complete all healings within 48-72 hours. I work a max of 4 hours a day on healings, so it may fall outside of that timing. For more accurate timings I post video updates on my Instagram Stories.

Connection If you’re sensitive to energy, you may feel me when I connect with you. If you do please let me know I love hearing these stories! 

💖 Intention – Each session begins with protection, shielding & intention setting

✨ Mindset– Identify, remove & reprogram subconscious mind 

Body  – Find out the underlying issues, rebalance & restore

✨ Chakras – Readings, clearing, cleansing, rebalancing and restoring

✨ Karma – Remove karma, karmic relationships and patterns (if Karma booking)

✨ Energy – Apply energy healing or healing chambers 

💖 Integration– Each session ends with divine assistance for a gentle integration 

Remember every session is different, your soul and higher self guide the session.


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