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These quantum activations are made to order

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive an energy attunement to activate you to the specific activation you requested.

Ray facilitates the energy activation by raising your vibration to match the energy of the realm or beings you are being activated to.

Once the energy is a vibrational match Ray will facilitate the activation.

Once you’re activated you can begin to work with those energies!

These are done twice weekly.

Ray facilitates activations twice a week, when you book in you’ll naturally fall into the next round of activations.

You will receive a very detailed PDF of who you’ve been activated to, the activation and HOW you can work with those beings.

To clear up any confusion… These are facilitated individually.


Activations are powerful.

Your vibration has risen to match the energy of the high vibrational beings… it’s important that you recognise this and do not over do it.

I would delay any healings/activations to a minimum of 4 days between each.

Treat activations like healings – rest, water and be gentle with yourself!

A minimum of 4 days between activations and 5 days between healings.

This time is required for integration.

It’s important to note that healing is very personal and each healing may require longer to integrate it’s never consistent.