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These healings are all instant healings, activated on purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Okay so this is complicated to explain, but I’ll try my best to simplify it!

We and our planet (Gaia) are currently in the dimension called the 4th dimension. 

Both us and Gaia are ascending in what is called “The Shift” – this really started ramping up in 2012.. remember when the world was supposed to end and it didn’t?

That was the SHIFT – the old world has ended so to speak, we are now on a new trajectory! Exciting times!

So to recap.. We’re 4th dimensional as is Gaia.

Time is relative to the 4th dimension, when you connect to higher dimensions 5th and above there is no time – everything is in it’s ‘now’

When I facilitate my healings, I do them from the 7th or 8th dimension, therefore the healings I do are outside of time.

So when I create an Instant healing I already know everyone who has ever purchased this healing – because it has all happened in the now time.

Read on to learn how you can apply your individual intentions in an instant healing

I’m so glad you asked!

Because these healings are created outside of time, they connect everyone that has ever purchased the healing in a ‘group’ style healing.

So similar to group healings these instant healings harness the collective healing intention to heal.

I have created these in a way of only utilising the intentional desire to heal from each person – so not to take on the energy of others, but just the collective desire to heal.

This is a really common misconception!

They ARE personalised! 

Because these healings have been created outside of time it’s picked up the energy of anyone who has purchased the healing.

You also get a FREE Sacred Healing Chamber with each Instant Healing

That is where you can apply your individual healing intentions in the unlikely event that your specific needs weren’t met in the group or instant healing

Whilst we all want to heal everything at once.. it’s just not practical! Your body needs time to process the healing.

If you do too much it can create havoc in your world. Think exhaustion, illness, low feelings… these are all common for doing to much to quickly in the healing space.  

Be gentle with yourself

For optimal results, select only 1 or 2 targeted items.

You can set the healing intention on the booking form after purchase

As soon as you purchase!

You will receive an automatic email from the platform you purchased on either my direct store or etsy with a PDF attachment

This PDF is your healing – woohoo!

If you can’t find this, send me a copy of your payment receipt and I can email you the PDF.

Your body is processing stuff that has potentially been stuck in your body since your childhood.  

Have you ever gone on a detox? 

The processing symptoms can be debilitating!

Whilst Ray does a lot of the heavy lifting for you (woo!)

it’s still important to look after yourself, rest and drink plenty of water to assist in flushing out what Ray has released for you.

A minimum of 5 days between bookings is required for healing integration.

It’s important to note that healing is very personal and each healing may require longer to integrate it’s never consistent.