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These healings are only available on ETSY and are all made to order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These healings are personalised following a common theme approach.

We all have the same trapped energies in our body, the difference is the event that created the energy to be trapped and the affect it has on us.

These sessions are affordable as they follow a common templated healing approach – applied to you personally.


The Emotion Code is a powerful healing modality, helping you to release the layers of ‘stuff’ that you have.


This is a one on one healing session that follows a templated approach, but the healing is applies to you individually.

The notes in the healing session are relative to you and the session, be sure to have a read of them!

Whilst we all want to heal everything at once.. it’s just not practical! Your body needs time to process the healing.

If you do too much it can create havoc in your world. Think exhaustion, illness, low feelings… these are all common for doing to much to quickly in the healing space.  

Be gentle with yourself

For optimal results, select only 1 or 2 targeted items.

You can set the healing intention on the booking form after purchase

Within 72 Hours.

These are ONLY available on Etsy.

These healings will be delivered in a no-fuss way direct in the Etsy inbox.

If you want a more personalised and detailed reading I recommend choosing another healing from my 40+ products available

Your body is processing stuff that has potentially been stuck in your body since your childhood.  

Have you ever gone on a detox? 

The processing symptoms can be debilitating!

Whilst Ray does a lot of the heavy lifting for you (woo!)

it’s still important to look after yourself, rest and drink plenty of water to assist in flushing out what Ray has released for you.

A minimum of 5 days between bookings is required for healing integration.

It’s important to note that healing is very personal and each healing may require longer to integrate it’s never consistent.