Understanding what happens after you place an online booking

Understanding what happens after you place an online booking

? Understanding the Online Shop Order Queue Process ?

Let’s dive deep into how I handle orders! ?

? On my Item Description: Some important information to consider when booking. ?
?? I work on an order queue system.
? Complete description box to get in the queue.
? Allow 5 days between healings (and then when I’m next available).
? I do not work on your friends/lovers without their direct permission.
? Please be patient, divine timing will deliver your healing at the right time.
? Intention & Belief are crucial for your healing journey. If you don’t believe it will work, it won’t.
? Doing the work will accelerate your progress towards your desired outcome.

? Top 5 Questions about Orders:

1?? How do I know if I am in the order queue?

2?? When can I expect my order?

3?? What healings do I have left?

4?? What do I do between now and receiving my order?

5?? What do I do post-healing?


? Understanding the Order Types and Additional Info ?

? How do I know if I am in the order queue?

To be in the Order Queue, I need to have 100% of the required information to facilitate the booking.
If I ask you questions after receiving the order, you’ll be placed in the queue only after you answer them.

There are two categories for the items: Order Que and Auto Download.

? Order Que ?

The following item types fall into the Order Que category:

? Chakras ? Personalised ?? Quick ? Readings ?? Tools & Resources (Varies)

To enter the Order Que, please complete the details I request on the order page description box or email me at [email protected].

? Auto Download ?

The following items are in the Auto Download category. You will receive them automatically from the platform after purchase.

? Activations ? Healing Chambers ? Instant Healings (Download)

Note: If you receive a PDF in your Etsy Inbox, you can open it from a web browser like Chrome or Safari on any phone or computer. Please be aware that the Etsy Apps do not support opening PDFs due to their functionality limitations, which is beyond my control.

? When can I expect my order?

It’s important to remember that I am a regular Australian human with a full life outside of being a healer. I have good days and bad days, just like anyone else.

I work only on my good days because, as a healer, I tap into your energy field. I want to be in a high vibrational place when working with you, so you receive positive energy from me. I do my best to facilitate all bookings within 72 hours, considering factors such as the number of orders in the queue, the order placement time, and a minimum of 5 days between multiple bookings. Vibrational alignment is also a consideration (more details below).

What if we are not in vibrational alignment?

Sometimes, we may not be in vibrational alignment, which occurs approximately in 1 out of every 30 orders. If you are in a lower vibrational place (e.g., depression, dark energy, heavy grief, or anger), it may be challenging for us to work together effectively.

Lowering my vibration to that level would have a significant impact on me personally and my other customers. However, there are options available to clear the lower vibrational energy and stabilize your energy for us to work together. These options include specific healing purchases like Darkness Healing, Anxiety Healing, or Root Chakra Healing, depending on the situation.

If you prefer not to continue the process, while I have a strict no refunds or exchanges policy in this circumstance, I would be happy to refund the original purchased item for you.

? What healings do I have left?

Bulk bookings can be challenging for me due to various factors which I have detailed in my FAQ guide here.

? What do I do between ordering and receiving my order?

Here’s what you can do to make the most of the time between ordering and receiving your healing:

? Ensure you’ve provided all the required information in the description box and answered any questions from me.

? Increase your water intake.

? Give your 100% pure intention to heal.

? Believe fully in the healing process for it to work effectively.

? Surrender any expectations and limitations, allowing spirit to work in its limitless way.

? What do I do post-healing?

All instructions for post-healing care are included on the second to last page of all orders.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to me, and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Much love, Ray xo

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