Understanding what happens after you place an online booking

Understanding the Order Que Process


On my Item descrition you would have seen this guide about how I work:

🌟 During sales, my cue is bigger, please take this into consideration when booking 🌟
❀  I work on an order cue system
🧑 Complete booking form/description box to get in the cue
πŸ’› 5 days between healings (and then when I’m next available)
πŸ’š I do not work on your friends/lovers etc without their direct permission
πŸ’™ Please be patient, divine timing will deliver your healing ‘right on time’
πŸ’œ Intention & Belief is crucial for any healing journey. If you don’t believe it work.. it won’t.
πŸ’– Doing the work will get you where you want to be faster


There are still a lot of questions I receive about orders, so let’s do a deep dive into this!


Top 5 Questions I receive about Orders:

  1. How do I know if I am in the order que?
  2. When can I expect my order?
  3. What healings do I have left?
  4. What do I do between now and receiving my order?
  5. What do I do post healing?

Okay, here we go….

1. How do I know if I am in the order que?

First of all, you will only be in the Order Que if I have 100% of the information I require to facilitate the booking.

If I respond to you with questions after receiving the order, only after those questions are answered will you be placed in the que.

I’ve broken the requirements per order category:

Order Type Order received Additional Info required
Activation Instantly Ray’s Booking form
Chakra Que System Order page description box
Instant Instantly Ray’s Booking form
Personalised Que System Ray’s Booking form
Quick Que System Order page description box
Reading Que System Order page description box
Tools & Other Varies Order page description box

You can download your Etsy Instant Order items by clicking Etsy Purchases from a Web Broswer

Unfortunatley the Etsy platform is limited and you can only open these from a webbrowser such as Chrome.


2. When can I expect my order?

The first thing to remember here is that I am a regular old Australian human living a full-life outside of working as a healer.

Like anyone, I have good days and bad days.

I only work on my good days, because as a healer I tap into your energy field and I only want to work when I am in a high vibrational place, so that you only receive postive energy from me πŸ’–

I try my best to facilitate all bookings within 72 hours this does have many contributing factors such as:

  • How many orders are in my que
  • When the order was placed
  • If you have more than one booking – minimum 5 days between order and then when I am next available after that
  • If we are in vibrational alignment… I’ll explain this further below

What happens if we are not in vibrational alignment?

Okay, so this does happen from time to time.. probably 1 in every 30 orders.

I naturally vibrate at a higher vibration, and if you are in a lower vibrational place – think depression, dark energy, heavy grief or anger etc then it’s likely we are not going to be in close enough vibrational place for us to work together.

It would be too much of an impact on me personally and my other customers to lower my vibration to that level to facilitate the healing straight away.

There are options though!

If you wanted to continue to work on healing, I would need you to purchase these items so we can clear the lower vibrational energy and stablise your energy so that I can work with you:

Purchase Order type Additional Info required
#1 Darkness Healing Instant Wait 3 days until next purchase
#2 Anxiety Healing Instant Wait 4 days until next purchase
#3 Root Chakra Quick Healing You 5 days until your next order

Following the first 2 bookings Ray will check in with your energy to see if she can do the Root Chakra Healing, and then again following the Root Chakra healing.
If the vibration is still a mismatch The Darkness healing may need to be repeated OR a Sacred Healing Chamber purchased.

If you did not want to continue this process, whilst I have a strict no refunds or exchanges policy in this circumstance I would happily refund the original purchased item for you.


3. What healings do I have left?

This is a loaded question πŸ˜‰

If you have read my FAQ guide prior to ordering you would know that bulk bookings really stress me out.

I 100% prefer that you did not place bulk bookings.

With bulk bookings so many factors come into play…

  • Am I busy in my personal life?
  • Do I have plans to go on vacation or work less over a holiday period so I can spend quality time with my loved ones?
  • Am I sick or unwell personally?
  • Am I having an off-day?
  • Have I had clients with heavier energy that I need some time to realign myself and my vibration so I can be of service?

I do however place all of my orders in a spreadsheet and I try my best to facilitate these 5 days apart and then when I’m next available πŸ™‚

I can provide you a screenshot of a filtered list of your remaining bookings, but these can only be done from a physical computer so when requested I will provide when I’m next at a computer.

When I’m on vacation or sick it’s unlikely I’ll be at my computer – but trust I’ve received your message and will respond as soon as humanly possible πŸ™‚


4. What do I do between ordering and receivng my order?

The best thing you can do is as follows:

  • Ensure you’ve provided all information required – booking form or description box and answered any questions from Ray
  • Increase your water intake
  • Give your 100% pure intention to heal
  • Believe fully in the healing so that it works!
  • Surrender any expectations – truly!

The final question here I want to ask you is…… are you wanting it to work in the way spirit works?

So many clients are only willing to work in the way they accept or believe and spirit simply does not work that way. Spirit does not have limitations.

I strongly encourage you to let go of any expectations and limitations and surrender your healing to the spirit so they can do their thing! πŸ’œ


5. What do I do post healing?

All instructions are on the post healing page, second to last page on all orders!


Okay so that concludes the top 5 questions I receive about orders, if you are still here thank you for taking the time to read this.

Please do not hesitate to message me with any other questions and I’ll respond as soon as I am able.

Much love

Ray xo