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On this page you can read about suggested after care, how to leave feedback, what my referral program looks like.

I also have additional support packages available for cleints who want a chat or an energy realignment within 7-10 days after our session. 

Thank you for choosing to book in with me,  Ray of Avalon. I am so honoured that I have been a part of your healing journey! 🌺✨

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Many of the benefits of healing can occur soon after the session ends. As such, it’s important to find some time within the first 8 hours after the session to integrate what may arise.

Try not to book or schedule anything ‘heavy’ immediately after your session.

I have asked my guides and angels to assist you and stay with you while you integrate. 


Some ideas of how you can rest/integrate are Meditate, lay down, go for a walk in nature, have a bath or even take a nap. It’s a good idea to go to bed early on the night of the healing session.

Note: If you do not sleep enough you will tend to eat more sugary foods and/or crave caffeine.


It’s important to hydrate after doing any type of energy work. Be sure to drink 1-2 glasses of water after your session. I find adding electrolytes to your water is also a good idea, as it helps to replenish the body.

If you do not hydrate enough in the 24-48 hours following a session it is likely you’ll have headaches and/or migraines.


Energy work is often hungry work, and you may find yourself feeling peckish immediately after your session too. 

Be sure you listen to your body and choose a healthy snack or meal afterward if needed. 

Eating can also help ground the body and as a bonus, you may find that piece of dark chocolate tastes extra good after energy work.

If you’re not a sweet tooth, try a root vegetable like potato, sweet potato or pumpkin. 


It’s often helpful to spend some time after the session reflecting—whether that means journaling, drawing, or somehow capturing any insights you had during the experience.

You may also decide to meditate afterward or listen to calming and/or inspirational music. Whatever you choose to do, find an activity that helps you connect to what you’ve experienced so you can draw on it in future.

Contact Ray if challenges arise

The healing I facilitate is extremely gentle and yet, since energy blockages are being cleared in the body during a session, discomfort can arise. You can contact me via [email protected] if anything feels physically or emotionally painful after your session.

*Healing/Activation are interchangeable depending on the session you have had.

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With love and gratitude,

Ray xo


These exclusive support packages have been crafted with your progress in mind. If you’ve ever felt the power of our transformative 1:1 healing sessions, these options are designed to elevate your experience even further.

This is for you if you have found yourself contemplating questions after our session and desire continued guidance as you weave the newfound wisdom from our 1:1 healing into your life. These support packages are the answer to your quest. They extend an inviting hand, allowing you to maintain a strong connection and access additional guidance beyond the initial session’s embrace.

Within this package, you’ll have access to a 15-minute chat session, personalized just for you. It’s your chance to seek clarity, ask those lingering questions, and gain further guidance. Walk away with a heightened sense of understanding, armed with answers that reinforce your journey.

When It’s Applicable: These support packages are most impactful within 7-10 days of your 1:1 healing session. This window provides the perfect opportunity to address any follow-up questions, seek clarifications, or delve deeper into the insights gained. It’s a timely extension of your healing experience that ensures your progress remains uninterrupted.

Book your support package with Ray here

For those yearning for a more profound experience, Option 2 combines the benefits of the chat support with an added layer of enchantment – a 15-minute energy rebalance session. This holistic approach aims to realign your body’s energy centers, leaving you refreshed, balanced, and ready to continue your wellness journey.

When It’s Applicable: These support packages are most impactful within 10 days of your 1:1 healing session. This window provides the perfect opportunity to address any follow-up questions, seek clarifications, or delve deeper into the insights gained. It’s a timely extension of your healing experience that ensures your progress remains uninterrupted.

Book your support package with Ray here

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