• I want to tell you about an amazing almost 'transformational' session I had last night with Ray.

    I have had a few speed bumps and detours along my life path. Well, I didn't expect the results that Ray found trapped in my being! I was shocked - yet enlightened & amazed - by the emotions Ray found active in my mind/body/soul, and her accurate descriptions about each emotion.

    She could even track my age for a strong emotion that happened due to something that happened to me in that year of my life that there is no way she could have known about! I was astounded!

    Megan Adelaide, Australia
  • Ray is such a beautiful person, always there when you feel you need for more of an explanation after a session. I will be excited to see how it all goes and look forward to maintaining good vibes :) xxx

    Georgia Adelaide, Australia
  • Ive had a few card readings from Ray, each to be crazily and undoubtedly accurate and with passing time has never failed to manifest. Her intuition and psychic ability is fascinating and her talent is undeniable. The whole experience is something I look forward to. Ray is so supportive, articulates things clearly, answers all of my questions and makes me feel at home.

    Kiah Sydney, Australia
  • Ray has done a wonderful job at clearing my boyfriend's allergy to dogs as well as chipping away at other issues. Thank you so much! It has been easy to book and use her on-line system!

    Cynthia New York
  • Ray has been wonderful to work with. I have had 5 sessions and at first I was skeptical of remote healing, but after my first session I was blown away. I felt lighter, like weights had been lifted off my shoulders. Ray has a lovely way of engaging with her clients, and intuitively understanding what you need. Like how you feel after spending time with a good friend. I’m very grateful to her sessions and will book in with her again

    Kate Perth, Australia
  • I’ve had two sessions with Ray, after the first session my eyesight was brighter and clearer which was just a side effect. I had a better & more hopeful outlook on life and I was better able to focus my energy & get more done. I my second session Ray removed a body wall and so far I have lost over 3kgs without really thinking about it. I don’t know how this all works, I only know that it does. Ray has an amazing gift.

    Vicki Sydney