4mths of Group Healing for Kids | Aged 8-16


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This is a 4 month group-healing package for children aged 8-16 years of age and is Facilitated Monthly on the 30th of each month.

This healing will assist to remove limiting beliefs, fears and phobias. Remove behaviour patterns not serving their highest and best good.

We will end on rebalancing and optimising the chakras… because we could all use that! 🙂

A point to note about Ages and Bookings:

If your 7- or 8-year-old has suddenly started acting moody and tearful, you’re not alone.
The changes in their behavior may be due to adrenarche, which can affect how your child handles their emotions.

If they have reached this milestone, then book this healing session. If they have not met this milestone please book the 0-8 Kids Healing.

This healing is for anyone who wants a powerful yet affordable healing and is committed to their healing journey.


THIS IS FOR YOU IF: This healing is for anyone who wants a powerful yet affordable healing for their children

✨ WHEN: 30th of each month for four months based on the cycle of when you first booked (In Feb it will be the 28th)

✨ COST: $ 72 AUD + platform fees

✨ LIMITED: 10 people per session only.

✨ INTENTION: You get to choose your own intention, that will be magically placed into the universe.

✨ COLLECTIVE: The group healing will uncover what collectively is in the records for all in the group to heal in order to move forward and evolve.

The universe will guide me for the groups intention.. kind of like magic 💕

Note: Whilst most group healings I set the intention to magnifythe healing by accumilating all intentions – this one I will not do that.
The healing intention will be singular to the intention of the person being healing.

How the group healings happen

✨ You get to add your own personalised healing intention on the booking form
✨ The group healing will pick up what is in each of you to be healed and cleared collectively
✨ Whilst the healing is a group healing you will receive the healing individually
✨ I facilitate these healings at nighttime in AEST timezone, time varies each time.
✨You will be placed in an energetic healing chamber that will apply your personalised healing intention.

Remember to place your healing intention on the booking form so this can be received by the universe for your personal healing to happen.

About Ray

Hey, I’m Ray!

I am blessed to work as a Lightworker ✨

I have a soul mission to help others to heal, and I do this by:

💖 Healing past lives
💖 Removing karma
💖 Removing out of alignment soul contracts
💖 Removing low vibrational energies, entities, thoughtforms
💖 Removing trapped emotions and stuck energy
💖 Removing heart-walls
💖 Raising your vibration
💖 Rewriting limiting beliefs
💖 Quantum healing
💖 Emotion code healing
💖 Body code healing
💖 Chakra rebalancing

+ so much more!

I have a unique soul gift which enables me to seamlessly merge with other souls where I momentarily feel everything they feel as if it is my own.
Through this, I can then clear any blockages, illness, disease my transmuting this to higher vibrational states.

In simple terms, your soul communicates to me exactly what it needs, and how it needs to be healed – kind of like magic!

It would be my absolute pleasure to be of service to you if you feel so inclined 🙂

Love and Light,

Ray 🌻


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