Atlantis Old Soul Healing


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This healing is for anyone who believes they are an old soul that have had lifetimes on Atlantis or Lemuria.

Many old souls have a deep seeded fear of healing, enlightenment or of natural disasters.
Scared of the ocean, waves, water…

The history is etched in your soul.

It’s time to re-write your history so you can ascend.

***This is a powerful fear removal healing.***

How instant healings work

Okay this is where the human mind can go “what?!” but stick with me and I’ll try to simplify it for you…

✨ Time is relative to Earth in the 3rd and 4th Dimension (Google it – it’s fascinating!)
✨ We and Gaia (Earth) are ascending to 5th Dimension and above (multi dimensions)
✨ Therefore, if a healing is actioned in a 5th Dimension or higher place it’s timeless
✨ Because time does not exist in the 5th Dimension & above, it’s all in the NOW at once.
✨ As I facilitated this healing in the 5th Dimension it is timeless
✨ So yes, I know who has paid for this healing in the past, present and future.
✨ This healing has been applied to the person when the “purchase” is triggered.

Adding your healing intention

✨With any group or instant healings, I always hold space and allow your individual healing intentions to occur.
✨So what you place as your healing intention on the booking form gets received by how I have facilitated the healing intention collectively.
✨Once you book an instant or group healing it will make more sense “how” this happens, for now have faith that the universe knows your intention and this will be divinely taken care of.

Receiving your instant healing

✨ Purchase triggers an automatic message with a PDF attached
✨ You need to download this PDF as this is your healing, read instructions below
✨ The PDF is coded with Quantum Healing throughout the document
✨ Trust that your individual healing intention is taken care of by the divine!
✨ Not in your App inbox? try logging in from a web browser
✨ You can also download the PDF direct in your emails

About Ray

Hey, I’m Ray!

I am blessed to work as a Lightworker ✨

I have a soul mission to help others to heal, and I do this by:

💖 Healing past lives
💖 Removing karma
💖 Removing out of alignment soul contracts
💖 Removing low vibrational energies, entities, thoughtforms
💖 Removing trapped emotions and stuck energy
💖 Removing heart-walls
💖 Raising your vibration
💖 Rewriting limiting beliefs
💖 Quantum healing
💖 Emotion code healing
💖 Body code healing
💖 Chakra rebalancing

+ so much more!

I have a unique soul gift which enables me to seamlessly merge with other souls where I momentarily feel everything they feel as if it is my own.
Through this, I can then clear any blockages, illness, disease my transmuting this to higher vibrational states.

In simple terms, your soul communicates to me exactly what it needs, and how it needs to be healed – kind of like magic!

It would be my absolute pleasure to be of service to you if you feel so inclined 🙂

Love and Light,

Ray 🌻


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