Dragon Activation


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This healing is for anyone who wants to work with the Dragon energies.

Dragons are the Guardians of Earth, and harness the energy of creation and balance 🙂

Dragons are conduits of growth and transformation, assisting in uplifting, supporting and protecting all of Gaia’s creation and initiating pureness in the intentions of Oneness.

Dragons bring wisdom through change, consciousness and power.

Granting us grace and ease through times of transitions… Dragons are the gate keepers to other realities, bringing great illumination- in which ever way that needs to manifest.

About your Dragon Activation

For all activations I do these only once checking with your higher self that this is suitable for you at this time.

If suitable, you will receive the activation within your etsy inbox in divine timing.

If unsuitable at this time I can refund the order or exchange for another activation.

About Ray

Hey, I’m Ray an Intuitive Soul Communicator also known as a Lightworker.

My soul mission is to help others to heal from their many lifetimes, clear karma, soul contracts and rewrite limiting beliefs on a SOUL level…I do this by bypassing the human mind.

All readings are unique to you and your soul in this very ‘now’ moment.

Your soul will effortlessly communicate to me what Angelic Support it needs most and how you can work with them for a divine healing.

Please refer to the below information about how this reading works

Love and Light

Ray xo


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