Powerful Heart Healing – 4 month package


These group sessions have been created to allow you to have all year around healing at affordable prices.

Because we could all use some healing right?



This is for you if: This healing is for anyone who wants a powerful yet affordable healing.

COST: $ 33 AUD + platform fees

WHEN: 1st of each month “new beginnings”

LIMITED: 10 people only.

MAGNIFIED: healing intention as the others in the group have the intention to heal too – WOW! 

INTENTION: You get to choose your own intention, that will be magically placed into the universe.

COLLECTIVE: The group healing will uncover what collectively is in the records for all in the group to heal in order to move forward and evolve. 

The universe will guide me for the groups intention.. kind of like magic 💕

How the group healings happen

You get to add your own personalised healing intention on the booking form

The group healing will pick up what is in each of you to be healed and cleared collectively

Whilst the healing is a group healing you will receive the healing individually 

I facilitate these healings at nighttime in AEST timezone, time varies each time. 

Remember to place your healing intention on the booking form so this can be received by the universe for your personal healing to happen.

You will be placed in an energetic healing chamber that will apply your personalised healing intention. 

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