Relationship Healings

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Heal your Relationship Now!

Want to change the status or merry go round of your relationship? This is for you.

✨ Whether your single, in an abusive or toxic relationship or just feel ‘stuck’ then this healing is for you.
✨ This healing is not limited, it’s relative to all relationships.. family, partners, work, school… or lack of partnerships and connection!
✨ Whatever the relationship this healing can assist you to have more authentic connections.

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Receiving your Relationship Healing

✨ All Healings/Activations are booked in via Calendar Invitation

✨ I facilitate healings five days a week, you will be added to my next available session via calendar invite

✨ Once your Healing is complete the Calendar Invitation will be updated to include your Healing

✨ The PDF is your healing, it has a lot of additional information so take your time to read through it all

✨ If you can’t locate the PDF you can email me at –

You can learn about how the healings work here in our FAQ

What makes me a good Relationship Healer:

I have a unique soul gift which enables me to seamlessly merge with other souls where I momentarily feel everything they feel as if it is my own.
Through this, I can then clear any blockages, illness, disease my transmuting this to higher vibrational states.

In simple terms, your soul communicates to me exactly what it needs, and how it needs to be healed – kind of like magic!

It would be my absolute pleasure to be of service to you if you feel so inclined 🙂

Love and Light,

Ray 🌻

Ray’s Soul Mission

I have a soul mission to help others to heal, and I do this by:

💖 Healing past lives
💖 Removing karma
💖 Removing out of alignment soul contracts
💖 Removing low vibrational energies, entities, thoughtforms
💖 Removing trapped emotions and stuck energy
💖 Removing heart-walls
💖 Raising your vibration
💖 Rewriting limiting beliefs
💖 Quantum healing
💖 Emotion code healing
💖 Body and Illness healing
💖 Chakra rebalancing

+ so much more!

If you are looking for a Quantum Healer who works in the Akashic Records or a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner then you’ve found me!

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner:

Whilst I am a certified practitioner in The Emotion Code, I go one-step further and release these trapped energies / emotional garbage from your Chakra system as well.


Check out my FAQ Guide

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