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It is incredibly humbling to read words of encouragement and appreciation from my amazing customers. ? Knowing that my work has made a positive impact on your lives is the ultimate reward! ? Your kind words validate the effort and dedication I pour into my work, and they motivate me to keep striving for excellence. ??

With each heartfelt review, I am reminded of the importance of providing exceptional service and creating unforgettable experiences. ? Your trust and support mean everything to me, and I am truly grateful to have such wonderful customers like you. ? From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and spread the positivity online.

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Google Reviews for Find you Ray

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Julie Rouse
A beautiful healing from a beautiful soul. Ray will make you feel at ease from the very start. I walked out feeling a sense of ease and lightness in my heart
Trish Norsworthy
Ray is an amazing healer I had a wonderful experience with her. I felt much better after and her skill set was truly a magical experience. I would recommend anyone looking for healing and guidance to contact Ray. She is very welcoming and warm which instantly puts you at ease.
Angie G
Absolutely beautiful soul, she has a truely amazing gift and has helped both my son and myself greatly in only a short amount of time. Thank you!!
Carolyn Wilson
Whilst I didn't see Ray looking for help with anything particular in mind, she picked up on some defining moments in my life and helped me clear these issues.
Jenn Lunna
The healing I had with Ray was amazing! She pin pointed so much from my childhood that I hadn’t told her about. Ray is a beautiful soul, very genuine and caring. I’m currently attending her Unpack your Sh!t workshop as well and loving it 🙂
Belinda Puttergill
I had been thinking about this type of treatment for sometime after researching glad I booked with Ray ,. I felt a shift and and it has helped settle down my thoughts 🙏
Nicole Ritchie
Wow , if you want to shift your perspective on yourself & the way you are travelling through life ,discovering unwanted or unrecognised baggage & restraints you may have subconsciously placed upon yourself & ways to repair & move forward then , I recommend this amazing lady with her wonderful gift. It’s probably nothing like you have ever done before & you need to go in with an open mind & heart. I don’t believe you will be sorry. Be prepared to have your mind blown - in a good way. 🙏
K. Clarke
Ray is lovely and I found my session insightful and positive. Thank you Ray!
I had the most wonderful experience during my appointment with Ray. It was truly fantastic, I felt an incredible sense of relaxation, very safe and welcome. The aftermath left me feeling absolutely amazing, and a lot lighter. I would highly recommend anyone who hasn't seen Ray to make an appointment.
Caramay East
Had an appointment here, and it was fantastic. Felt very relaxing and left feeling amazing. Can't wait to have another appointment looking forward to it. Highly recommend if you haven't been definitely make an appointment

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