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Removing your Heart Wall

so you can let love back in

Hi, I'm Ray 👋

Certified Energy Healer helping people all over the world to release, heal, let go and move forward so they can live their best lives.

If you are tired of living the same life on repeat and going around in circles and getting no where fast then you’ve come to the right place! I’ve been there and done that and I have got the battle scars to prove it.

The harsh reality is that the relationships I was seeking wern’t going anywhere because I needed to work on myself first. The universe works on vibration, what vibrations was I sending out?

❌ Lack of self confidence    

❌ Lack of self worth  

❌ Lack of self respect

And guess what I got in return?

❌ People who didn’t respect or value me. 

I spent a long time working on myself

💖 Clearing my emotional blocks and raising my vibration

💖 I’m now in a healthy loving relationship

💖 the best part is that I truly love myself, I’m happy and I have healthy boundaries!

I can help you

✔️ Remove your emotional blocks and limiting beliefs

✔️ Reset yourself back to your true state of love, confidence and worthiness so you can attract true healthy love into your life!

How it works

Step 1.      Meet Ray

Book an intro video call with Ray – complete the new client questionnaire with as much detail as you can!

Step 2.      Intentions + Alignment

Together let’s work through your questionnaire and formulate a plan for your healing journey and how Ray can assist you  

Step 3.     Healing

Ray will complete your energy healing session via video and send over to you with some tailored homework.

Step 4.     Do the homework

The homework isn’t hard but it does require you to set some ‘me time’ aside for a few days.

Step 5.     Commit

You came to Ray for a reason, you wanted to heal. Your follow up email contains the links to book your next energy healing session (at no charge) with Ray.

I will help you


Move forward

Feeling stuck? Often we feel we can’t move forward because of trapped emotions/energy that is keeping us in our past. I can clear this energy from you so you can move forward!



Break down your walls

Those walls you’ve built to ‘protect’ you are most likely causing you to self sabotage your relationships! Sound familiar? I can remove those walls for you.


Remove your limiting beliefs

Those thoughts buried in your subconscious that you’re not worthy of true love or that there are no good guys out there left is blocking your relationships! I can detect which thoughts are blocking you and work with you to reprogram your mind!

Kate C

Perth Australia

Ray has been wonderful to work with.

I have had 5 sessions and at first I was skeptical of remote healing, but after my first session I was blown away. I felt lighter, like weights had been lifted off my shoulders.

Ray has a lovely way of engaging with her clients, and intuitively understanding what you need, like how you feel after spending time with a good friend.

I’m very grateful to her sessions and will book in with her again.​

Georgia S

Adelaide, Australia

Ray is an amazing soul and a truly wonderful healer.

Her card readings are as wonderful and accurate as her heart healing sessions.

She has truly helped me so much over the last year, just the other day I had a reading and honestly it was fantastic! She expressed everything I had been feeling and really helped give guidance!! It was just the most amazing experience I’d come acrosss.

If your feeling a bit lost and need some guidance I’d definitely recommend Ray xxx

Maria N

London, UK

Ray was highly recommended by my sister and the transformation she created was incredible.

Even as a sceptic, I knew I had to make some positive changes and to let go of emotions from the past that were restricting my present and future.

I can’t thank you enough Ray 💜

Regina F

Sydney, Australia

I had a fantastic experience with Ray.

She helped me understand all about emotions and how new and old can impact our lives on a day to day basis.

She is a naturally at tapping into emotions that you may have experienced as a young person and carry to this resent day.

She has opened my mind to a self awareness and negativity I knew nothing about precociously.

I’d highly recommend her non invasive, kind and empathetic approach. She is so in tune and genuine. I’d highly reccomend her and continue to value her support!

Sanjana P

Bangalore, India

Having a session with ray is like catching up with a close friend❤️.

Her intuitive messages are spot on and her work definitely helps you move forward in life.

I highly recommend her work🌟💥🦄

Grateful 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Nikoletta N


Not only did Ray help me clear energy, she also set me the foundations to continue on the path of healing.

Her understanding friendly manner really helped get results.

Forever grateful 💛

Julie D

Montreal, USA

On my first video call with Ray, I Immediately felt her energy penetrating me.

I was a bit skeptical at the beginning but I am now convinced that energy cures and relieves us from any kind of emotional injuries. My chats with Ray were always simple, straightforward and she was able to guide me very well through my healing process. She has opened a new door of self-acceptance and inner peace.

There were times when I felt insecure about difficult areas of my life and she knew how to teach me to find the answers within myself. I would say this is one of the greatest gifts I have received from her healing.

I recommend her very much and I have the intention to stay in touch with her in the future. Thanks Ray for teaching me to access the infinite loving energy.

Megan S

Adelaide, Australia

I want to tell you about an amazing almost 'transformational' session I had last night with Ray - founder of 'Find Your Ray' - holistic healing using 'Emotional Codes'.

I have had a few speed bumps and detours along my life path. Well, I didn't expect the results that Ray found trapped in my being! I was shocked - yet enlightened & amazed - by the emotions Ray found active in my mind/body/soul, and her accurate descriptions about each emotion.

She could even track my age for a strong emotion that happened due to something that happened to me in that year of my life that there is no way she could have known about! I was astounded! The most amazing thing of all is that we are in different cities - I'm in Adelaide and Ray is in Sydney - she can do sessions over the phone or internet.

At the end of the session Ray sent me my report. Being able to read this document and acknowledge the definitions of the emotions she found that need to be released is incredible, and a useful tool to look at and track just what was found.

Of course everyone is different, however I can strongly recommend 'Find Your Ray' - even just for a 'spring clean' of your emotions!

Thank you Ray💖

Saar G


100/10 recommend to work with Ray!💞

I’ve followed Ray's gorgeous IG feed for some time now, I’d been feeling ‘on the verge’ of things, yet somewhat stuck and like stuff wasn’t quite moving or in flow yet so I booked in for a healing session.

When confirming my booking, I got to share some areas of my life I’m working on & seek clarity in, after which I received a confirmation that I’d receive my recorded session in a few days 🙏

It was so easy to book in, and to be able to receive this session - even though Ray is in Australia and I am in The Netherlands, in completely different time zones!

Ray sent me a video recording a couple of days after booking, from inside her van - which was parked at the beach! 🌊 I loved that I got to see her face as she tuned into my energy, how she patiently explained what brought her to doing this healing work, how it works for her, and how it may help me.

As she felt into my field, she expressed that she’d like to focus on my career. “You don’t need to work harder, Saar. Do what you love, and everything else [in your life] will fall into place. I’m sensing some fear of failure, let me pick some crystals for you.”⠀

Of course she has a bunch of crystals in her van 💞, out came Gold Painite - for Abundance and Prosperity, and Rose Quartz - for Love and Longing.

“I can feel you want to really love what you do. It’s ok to be happy and fulfilled, there’s no need to be defensive or explain what you do to others [anymore].”I was starting to feel calmer, seen, understood. My body slowly relaxed, opening up to receive the remaining healing part of our time together.

Ray asked me to grab a pen + notebook, so I could write down the emotions she’d be able clear for me, and to do a journal practice with a releasing affirmation to let them go. After placing a permanent shield around me, she got to work⠀

I took in what she shared, as she was feeling sensations in her body arise, drawing connections between certain emotions, organs, and the age I was at when this emotion lodged itself there, to then clear it out with her healing wand.⠀

🤯 Friends, I had an extensive back and forward via voice memo’s in the DM’s with Ray after this clearing, as the ages + emotions + sensations were SO on point! ⠀

It feels amazing to be seen in this way, reclaim my path, to feel more spaaaaace in my beeeing, to start to welcome opportunities (with ease!) & to have a better understanding of how to support myself.

100/10 recommend to work with Ray!💞

"It's never too late for a new beginning in your life"

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