It's time to let go, move on and live your desired life!

Reboot your life in 6 weeks

Do you have trouble letting go of people or situations?

Do you feel that you are over a situation but the universe keeps sending you the same lessons?

Do you want to change your life but you just don’t know how to start or where to begin?

If you have answered yes to any of the above this 6 week program is for you!

Initial Contact

Discovery call
+ Strategy session with Ray

Energy Healing

2 x Video Recorded Healings
(includes Intuitive guidance)

4 x Email Healing session
(includes heart wall evaluation)


Checkins with Ray
Tailored homework

Additional Perks

 Shielding from negative energies

 A safe place to heal with guidance and support

Ray has been wonderful to work with. I have had 5 sessions and at first I was skeptical of remote healing, but after my first session I was blown away. I felt lighter, like weights had been lifted off my shoulders.

Ray has a lovely way of engaging with her clients, and intuitively understanding what you need. Like how you feel after spending time with a good friend.

I’m very grateful to her sessions and will book in with her again

Western Australia

Special Package Price $499

Valued at over $600

Recap of what the program includes:

  •  1 x Discovery call + strategy formulation call with Ray
  •  2  x Video healing + intuitive messages sessions with Ray
  •  4  x Email healing sessions with Ray

Plus weekly

  • Checkins with Ray
  • Tailored intuitively guided homework (shaddow/inner-work)
  • Heart wall and blockages evaluation
  • Shielding from negative energies
  • A safe place to heal with guidance and support

How to get started

Step 1.

Book your Discovery Strategy Call with Ray >> here

(includes payment for the entire program, contact to arrange p/plan)

Step 2.

Once paid, Add Ray on WhatsApp >> +61430191901

Ray will then text you your discount coupon to book your sessions free of charge 

Step 3.