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Recieve Intuitive guidance

Straight from your Spirit Guides and the Akashic Records

Hi, I'm Ray 👋

Certified Energy Healer and Intuitive helping people all over the world to release, heal, let go and move forward so they can live their best lives.

Sometimes you feel stuck or as if you are at a crossroads and you don’t know which direction to go or what your future looks like.

An intuitive (psychic) can get insights into what is coming up for you on your journey including who is on the path with you.

How I conduct my readings

💖 I access your Akashic Records which in information ever since your soul was created whether it was in your past or current life. 

💖  I use my very own ‘the story’ deck for your current life situation

💖 I will use another 3 or so decks as guided by your guides as to what you need

What happens when you book in?

✔️ I will do your reading between Tues-Thurs (Aus) and send via a private video link

✔️ You can watch and rewatch the reading as often as you like 🙂

The reading will help you

Recieve messages

Feeling stuck? Do you feel like the universe is trying to send you a message but you can’t interpret it? Maybe it’s numbers, vivid dreams or syncronicities. Ray can help interpret the universe’s message for you!

Move forward

Often an intuitive reading will help you to understand the areas of your life that are stuck and no longer serving you. As the messages come straight from the divine they are unfiltered and this enables you to see things clearly so you can move forward.

Tune in to yourself

Often the readings will bring up parts of your life that you’re neglecting that will bring you joy. As the universe works on vibration, you need to be living in joy to manifest your dream life! So if you feel stuck, a reading could be just what you need! 



Wow, this reading had me crying (in a good way) 💫

You are so correct on every single thing!

I think the spirits told you to be firm cause I can be a bit stubborn and always focusing on the next job or relationship. And I know I need to focus on me!

I am single now and have just started a new occupation so I am buried in work.

I have basically just had unhealthy relationships, I am actually doing some healing regarding narcissistic abuse. I have no clue on who I am or who I want to be.

I absolutely adored your decks and the reading gave me wonderful insight on my path ahead.

I will definitely reach out to you again for help 🦋

Thank you so much, you are a lovely soul 💜

Georgia S

Adelaide, Australia

Ray is an amazing soul and a truly wonderful healer.

Her card readings are as wonderful and accurate as her heart healing sessions.

She has truly helped me so much over the last year, just the other day I had a card reading and honestly it was fantastic! She expressed everything I had been feeling and really helped give guidance through the cards! It was just the most amazing experience I’d come across through a card reading, she kept going until she felt satisfied I had what it was I needed to hear through the Universal message.

About 15 minutes after the reading I had a spiritual awaking experience and after that I don’t think I could ever be skeptical again!

If your feeling a bit lost and need some guidance I’d definitely recommend a card reading!

It’s a beautiful message to be received especially through Rayxxx

" The Akashic Records reveal to you what you need to learn in that moment, at that time, to support you on your journey "

20m Intuitive Reading for $20

After such a great success with the Black Friday special we are bringing back this special to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of Find your Ray!

I’m offering this special for the first 10 bookings only, the last ones got snapped up quickly so book now so you don’t miss out 🙂 

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