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Your soul is beautiful and magnificent.

It is light.

There is a myth going around that there are dark souls…

There is no darkness in your soul, or anyone else’s for that matter.

The soul is pure light, for it has the spark of god within.

Any ‘darkness’ in a soul is just absence of light.

Each soul is unique, and you are a collection of not only your soul but many.

The saying ‘we are all one’ comes to mind.

That’s why the soulmates feel so familiar… like coming home.

If you’re reading this… your soul has lived many many lifetimes.

Potentially thousands or tens of thousands.

There has been lifetimes where your personality (not your soul) may of had dark attributes.

We all have had darkness in our lifetimes.

That does not mean that we are or have had a dark soul.

We need to embrace those lifetimes of darkness within us and our souls in order for us to embrace our light.

Your soul is waiting for your acknowledgement.

To acknowledge your past lifetimes.

To acknowledge the soul within right now.

Once you do this, you can meld them all together and be fully present in your now.

The first step towards ascension is acknowledging the magnificent soul that you are in all ways.

You are light, let it shine!


Love and Light,

Ray xo



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