The difference between a Lightworker and a Healer

From our post  Traits of a Lightworker we learnt that Lightworkers have an enormous pull to help others.

Lightworkers are awakened beings who bear the highest interests of all living beings and Earth in their minds.

They are driven by a deep-felt desire to serve those in need and often have a “YOD” in their astrology charts.

They and are blessed with intuitive powers and inner guidance that enables them to sense energy shifts and emotions like pain and sorrow in others around them. 

They hold a distinctive core of kindness within themselves and vibrate at a higher energy level that enables them to be positive and support others through their struggles.

How does a Healer differ from a Lightworker?

Energy healers are trained in various healing modalities and they aim to remove energy blocks resulting from physical injuries or emotional distress.

They do this through following a systematic process.

Some of these processes you may know are “Reiki” or “The Emotion Code” to name just a few, there are 1000’s of modalities available for Energy Healers.

I’m truly blessed as I am both a lightworker and a trained energy healer.

When I tap into your energy I as a Lightworker can get a feel for what is needed and I am guided as to what healing or modality is best suited for you at the time.

If you’re curious to know what it’s like to work with a Lightworker reach out x