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Embarking on a Soul-Led Journey: Unveiling the Mysteries of Kariong Sacred Lands in Gosford

Embarking on a Soul-Led Journey: Unveiling the Mysteries of Kariong Sacred Lands in Gosford

In the heart of Gosford, a realm of ancient significance beckons—a realm adorned with mysticism and a rich tapestry of history.

Welcome to the Kariong Sacred Lands, where a profound testament to the intricate bond between indigenous people, the land, and the cosmos is etched into the very fabric of existence. Nestled within the lush embrace of the Australian landscape, this sacred site weaves together the narratives of Aboriginal heritage, celestial encounters, enigmatic glyphs, and the revered Grandmother Tree, forging an unparalleled tapestry of spiritual significance.

For the local Aboriginal communities, the Kariong Sacred Lands stand as a living repository of ancestral wisdom—a testament to an unbroken connection with the land. Imprinted with the lore of the “Sky People,” celestial beings believed to have engaged with indigenous ancestors in antiquity, this site becomes a living canvas, recounting stories of ethereal interactions. The enigmatic glyphs etched into the rocks continue to convey messages open to interpretation and boundless wonder.

At the heart of this sacred expanse stands the Grandmother Tree, a majestic sentinel silently bearing witness to countless generations. Within its towering presence resides a unique place in the hearts of all who tread upon this hallowed ground. It radiates an energy resonating with the very essence of the land—a vitality woven into the earth through roots that reach deep into the fabric of time.

Among the many drawn to this hallowed ground, I, Ray of Avalon, hold a steadfast belief that the Kariong Sacred Lands represent the “birthplace of human consciousness.” This proclamation echoes the transformative potential of this site, where energies and vibrations coalesce to awaken a profound understanding of our place within the universe.

Allow me to take you on a journey through my recent visits to this sacred land, each imbued with remarkable significance.

In December 2022, my steps on this land were met with synchronicity. Serendipitous encounters with music, like the playing of “Unchain My Heart” and “We Will Rock You,” bridged the mundane and the extraordinary, whispering of a deeper connection beyond the surface.

Then, in July 2023, a more profound purpose emerged during my return. This time, I was accompanied by a group of dedicated Avalon Alumni students—guided by an unseen force, we gathered beneath the sheltering boughs of the Grandmother Tree, interweaving threads of history and the present. Among us, a visionary soul had received glimpses of this sacred gathering in the weeks leading up to this unfolding—a circle of five souls encircling the tree, overseen by the sovereign presence of the Queen of Avalon.

Synchronicities that had unfolded over time now came into focus, each carrying a message. The seemingly unrelated events from my previous visit assumed new meanings. Looking back, those musical encounters were not mere coincidences; they were the whispers of the Grandmother Tree, foretelling the mission that awaited.

As time surged forward, in the presence of my fellow Avalon Alumni, we gathered once again around the Grandmother Tree. Within this sacred space, a convergence of energies unfolded. Embracing the tree, I felt the words “unchain my heart” reverberate—a call to action. Guided by intuition, I, Ray the Queen of Avalon, facilitated the restoration of Earth’s energy grid, the opening of a land energy portal, and most profoundly, the unveiling of the Grandmother Tree’s heart portal. This sacred act stands as my most rewarding soul-led mission—a journey driven by alignment, intuition, and a deep respect for the ancient wisdom cradled by this sacred land.

Upon reflection, the seemingly disparate events and synchronicities took on a new unity. This soul-guided expedition testified to the enchantment that blossoms when we embrace the unknown, fully stepping into our roles as custodians of ancient wisdom. The captured videos and images offer visual testament to the enchantment that graced that transformative day.

The Kariong Sacred Lands, with their glyphs, the lore of the Sky People, the Grandmother Tree, and the echo of Ray of Avalon’s proclamation, stand as living witnesses to the profound interplay between human and cosmic consciousness. Those who tread upon this consecrated ground are invited to step into a narrative that transcends time itself—a narrative that rekindles a connection to the primordial origins of existence and the boundless mysteries cradled within the universe’s embrace.

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