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Physical pain is a signal from your body for help!

Physical pain is a signal from your body for help!

Physical pain is a signal from your body for help!

Have you ever had a sore neck or back?

What about tension in your shoulders at work?

Grinding teeth?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome…

These are all very common symptoms of trapped energy being stored in your body…

This energy is ‘stuck’ and is likely from an emotional reaction.

The emotional reaction has been suppressed..

Because of this it becomes stuck…

If it doesn’t get cleared, then more energy get stuck..

Overtime these energies grow and grow.

The pain gets worse and worse!

Life gets harder and harder…

But it can all be fixed relatively easily!

You just need to know how 🙂

That is where I come in…

I can help you to remove these stuck energies

To help them release and to stop the pain in your body

You will feel lighter

You will feel less pain

It won’t necessarily happen instantly, but it can!

Each healing session is unique because you and your energy are unique.

Is your body sending you physical pain as a signal for help?

Reach out if you have any questions about this, or anything else healing related!

Love and light,

Ray xo


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