Inner Child, we all have one!

Inner Child, we all have one!

Inner-Child, we all have one!

The question is, do you know yours?

Do you talk to your inner-child?

It’s highly likely they are talking to you…

Have you noticed?

Your inner child will show itself through emotions.

Anger. Frustration. Rage. Resentment. Guilt, Trust issues, Insecurity…

The list of emotions goes on.

Your inner-child is you, who you were as a child.

Until you acknowledge, accept, forgive and let go of these triggers…

Your inner-child will keep talking to you.

It’s time to hear yourself out.

Take time to talk to your inner-child.

It’s part of the journey, to integrate these versions of you into your now.

Your inner-child deserves to be heard, loved, appreciated.

Because you are magnificent!

Always have been, always will be.

Much love,

Ray xo

These are some of the ways an Inner Child can show up in your life:

Fear to end up alone:

  • Difficult to believe that you’re loved
  • Can’t find a suitable partner
  • Negative assumptions about what others think of you
  • Anxiety, worry, depression
  • Wary about letting people in
  • Nightmares, bad sleep
Relationship problems:
  • Sexual problems or low libido
  • Feeling lonely or isolated
  • Toxic or abusive relationships
  • Partner grows distant
  • Fear of being left behind or abandoned
  • Constant fights with family or friends
Feeling not good enough:
  • Constant comparing yourself to others
  • Feeling guilty about taking care of yourself
  • Feeling ashamed
  • Being always shy
  • Not feeling secure or safe
  • Not enough money
Toxic attraction:
  • Difficult to say ‘no’
  • People-pleasing to receive love
  • Trying to always save others while rejecting your needs
  • Desire to fix or change your partner
  • Fear to talk about your problems
  • Unpredictable and irrational emotions

If you want to work on your Inner-Child you may like the Inner Child Healing

Ray is a International Healer working as a Quantum Healer, Emotion Code Practitioner and facilitates healing in The Akashic Records

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